BRICS summit: China and Russia criticize the West

China and Russia used the BRICS summit to sharply criticize the West. The BRICS countries, which also include Brazil, India and South Africa, should “take more responsibility” and work for “equality and justice” in the world, China’s President Xi Jinping demanded in his opening speech at the virtual summit. “Unilateral sanctions” must be opposed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of selfishness and also assigned a special role to the BRICS group. The organization must lead the way in creating a “multipolar world”. Unlike the major industrial nations (G-7), who are meeting in Bavaria for this year’s summit on Sunday, the BRICS members have so far avoided criticism of Russia and have repeatedly condemned the sanctions imposed by the West.

India, for example, is taking a neutral stance on the conflict because the country has long and close ties with Russia, and much of its military equipment comes from there. Recently, like China, it has significantly increased its oil imports from Russia. Brazil has also spoken out against sanctions because of the negative impact on trade and the economy. Russia itself repeatedly declares that it wants to expand its economic relations with partner countries in view of the massive Western sanctions.

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