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Unpackaged store celebrates

For this reason, two years of “einMACHGLAS” will be offered at the market square next Saturday, May 28th. The program starts at 9 a.m. with an information stand from the cooperative. Graduate psychologist Hedda Jansen presents her alternative practitioner school and tells exciting things about the topic “Energize your enthusiasm”. The “Freie Software OG” provides information about sustainable use of free software. There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs when you play the Wheel of Fortune. There is a birthday discount of ten percent on all products from the silos (don’t forget the jars and bags). Maaza Menghistab-Langhammer will provide insights into Eritrean cuisine and present some dishes from her cookbook. A birthday soup, delicious tapas plates and some treats with coffee round off the whole thing. To end the day in style, there is live sundowner music between 3pm and 5pm, a reason to toast the great success of the cooperatively organized shop.

On “Herb Show”

With the disappearance of animal and plant species, interest in nature increases. But who still knows them, the flowers and shrubs? Instead of difficult identification books, there are now apps for smart phones and iPhones. One of them is “Flora Incognita”. It costs nothing and, according to the Black Forest Association in Offenburg, helps identify the plants. Both options are presented on a walk after work: the books as well as the app sponsored by the Federal Ministries for the Environment (download it to your devices beforehand). Guests are welcome. Friday, June 3rd: Meeting point and time with binding registration at Silke Kluth, Tel. 0179/488 3416 or email [email protected]

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donate blood

Blood donors are lifesavers. According to the blood donation service of the DRK, only one blood donation can help up to three seriously ill or injured people. Due to the short shelf life (blood platelets can only be kept for up to 4 days), patients are dependent on the continuous commitment of blood donors. The next blood donation appointment will be on Wednesday, June 1, from 2 to 7 p.m. in the St. Martin community center. The mask requirement still applies to all DRK blood donation appointments. After a SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, provided you feel well, blood can be donated the day after the vaccination. Anyone who had a symptom-free corona infection can donate blood four weeks after the corona-positive test result. Further information: