Brigitte Macron in love with Emmanuel, an "obviousness" for her daughter Tiphaine

Brigitte Macron in love with Emmanuel, an "obviousness" for her daughter Tiphaine

On Wednesday 13 June 2018, France 3 broadcast a intimate documentary dedicated to the first lady of France, Brigitte Macron , a French novel . Directed by Virginie Linhart, this one traced in several chapters the life of the wife of the president Emmanuel Macron with the help of archives and many interviews, especially with relatives. If the main interested has not directly expressed herself, she whose word is very rare since entering the Elysee Palace in May 2017, her daughter Tiphaine (34 years old and lawyer) is the only member of the family to have agreed to bear witness.

Born of the first marriage of Brigitte Macron with André-Louis Auzière, Tiphaine is the youngest of the siblings. His sister Laurence (41) is a cardiologist, while her brother Sebastien (43) is an engineer. Mother of two children with her companion Antoine (Élise, 4 years old, and Aurèle, 2 years and a half), Tiphaine Auzière has always supported and accepted from the beginning the relationship of her mother with Emmanuel Macron, as she herself entrusted in the documentary. ” As soon as I knew there was a story between Emmanuel and my mom, I had no doubt about the seriousness of the thing so it was obvious. If I had to give a vision of love, it’s Emmanuel and my mother “, she assured camera face.
In particular, I wanted to thank Brigitte’s children …
In 1994, Brigitte Macron is a 40-year-old married mother and professor of literature at La Providence High School in Amiens when Emmanuel Macron, her 16-year-old theater student, declares her love for her. Thirteen years later, the couple is getting married in Le Touquet. ” We are both very happy that you are here to accompany us in this moment, because each and every one of you has witnessed, over the last thirteen years, what we have experienced. And you accepted it, and you made us what we are today. That is to say maybe something not quite common, a couple not quite normal, even if I do not like this adjective much. But a couple that exists. And that’s thanks to you. So I wanted to thank you for accepting us and for loving us as we were. In particular, I wanted to thank Brigitte’s children. Because if there are some who might not have been very simple, it was for them. And that was thanks to them the strength of an obvious “, Emmanuel Macron was very emotional at his wedding.
Side numbers, Brigitte Macron, a French novel rose to second place on the podium for this evening of June 13, 2018. According to Médiamétrie, the documentary passionate 3.2 million French, with 13.8% audience share. Very nice score!

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