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The season of Major League Baseball has gotten off to a very exciting start with some mexicans highlighting from now on with their novenas.

A) Yes, the surname Urías begins to be from I respect for all teams of the major leagues, since little by little the baseball players they have this name on their flannel.

In case of Julio Urías we already know him, who comes from being champion with Los Angeles Dodgers and he has started the season on the right foot with 2 wins to his personal account.

Now, it’s time to talk about the other 2 Urías, Luis and Ramón, who had great games on Tuesday, April 13, being the first Mexican brothers to give Home Run The same day.

Luis Urías is a player for the Brewers de Milwaukee and the day mertes had participation in shortstop against the Cubs de Chicago.

Those of Milwaukee lost the duel by 3 runs to 2, however, the performance of the Mexican was outstanding as he hit a unstoppable, scored a run, produced 2 and received 3 walks, thus dominating his team’s offensive game.

On the other side we find Ramon Urías, who plays second base with the Orioles de Baltimore and participated in both games on Tuesday against the Seattle Mariners.

In the first, his team lost by 4 runs to 3, where he hit a hit, scored 1 run and produced 2.

As for the second duel, Ramón Urías was the hero for the Orioles since in the seventh chapter he left Seattle’s men down by hitting an unstoppable that broke the diamond, where he drove a teammate to give the Baltimore victory by 7 runs to 6.


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