Bring back your self-designed CPU cores to Qualcomm’s new leader

Cristiano Amon is practically restoring the previously shot processor design department.

Qualcomm had previously designed self-developed processor cores for its system chips, but this division was shot down a couple of years ago as ARM’s factory cores also proved to be strong enough while their licensing was much cheaper.

At the same time, a change took place in the company’s life as Steve Mollenkopf, the former president and CEO, retired and was replaced by Cristiano Amon, whose first steps included bringing back his own designed CPU cores. This may also have to do with the acquisition of NUVIA, as they have a division that can carry out the task in question immediately.

Cristiano Amon, by the way, explains the decision by aiming for performance leadership in the ultramobile device market. In addition, they do not face high risks. Should ARM’s self-designed cores happen to be better, they can still license them.