Bring These Files to School! Elementary-Vocational Students in the Poor Category Can Still Register for PIP Even though they don’t have KIP

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – Elementary, junior high, high school and vocational students categorized as poor or underprivileged can still register for the Smart Indonesia Program or PIP even though they don’t have a Smart Indonesia Card (KIP). See how below.

As is known, the government is currently re-distributing PIP funds for elementary, junior high, high school, and vocational students.

The disbursement of this aid aims to help school-age children from poor families continue to receive educational services until they finish secondary education.

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The amount of PIP funds given to elementary to high school students is as follows:

1. Elementary/MI/Package A students get IDR 450,000,-/year;
2. SMP/MTs/Package B students get IDR 750,000/year;
3. SMA/SMK/MA/Package C students get IDR 1,000,000/year.

The aid funds distributed by BRI and BNI Banks can be used to assist students’ personal expenses, such as buying school/course supplies, pocket money and transportation costs, additional practice fees and competency test fees.

One of the requirements for receiving school grants from PIP is to have a KIP.

Then, what about the poor or underprivileged students who do not have KIP?