Bringing a mix in business: TANDEMW leadership program © July 1

On Thursday July 1 at 6.30 p.m., the PWN Lyon women’s network is organizing the second edition of TANDEMW ©, a unique mixed leadership program. It brings together, during participatory workshops, men and women from different companies, eager to strengthen their leadership and promote gender diversity in the company.

Diversity in business is a real economic and strategic advantage, it brings all sources of talent to greater efficiency and innovation. Societies that balance their social body are more profitable, have better productivity and create more jobs. However, if it is an indisputable source of performance, the implementation of gender diversity remains limited. We need to act on leadership styles to change our representations.

TANDEMW ©, an initiative of Pwn Lyon, to “bring MIXITY to life rather than talk about it”

PWN Lyon is a network that promotes gender balance in governing bodies. Originally 100% female, he chose to open up to men in order to work together for the development of balanced leadership within companies. PWN Lyon has announced its ambition to build an in-depth reflection on the leadership of the 21th century and diversity.

TANDEMW © is the result of the work in distance of mixed groups who worked for a year. The project entered its deployment phase last March, with a launch in the form of a World Café to enrich the resources of collective intelligence and combine experiences with mixed perspectives. About sixty people attended, members and non-members.

It draws on the initiatives already developed within PWN: mentoring, exchange groups in complete confidentiality that enrich the initiative, by producing bases for reflection and tools that are useful on a daily basis.

TANDEMW © is a mixed leadership program complementary to the actions of PWN Lyon

TANDEMW ©’s mission is to reflect on the issues of diversity and co-construction concrete solutions intended to develop mixed and balanced leadership within organizations and between companies.

TANDEMW © is based on:

  • An iterative and participatory approach which brings together men and women, in inter-companies. TANDEMW © is open to non-members of the association in order to enrich the reflection. Participants discuss a question or topic in small groups in virtual rooms, during of structured collective intelligence workshops for a perspective on the issues of diversity.
  • An embodied approach

To introduce this second edition, the tandem Christophe Baudin and Anne-Sophie ANDRE (PALANGE), respectively Director of Group Operations and Director of Customer Experience and OperationsUP.

The program launch party on March 11 brought together two entrepreneurs from Lyon, Béatrice and Arnaud de Montille, co-founders of Thanks Mom, for the presentation of the advantages of a governance shared.

A willingness to confront the realities of the company to identify the issues of mixed leadership in order to eventually offer:

  • Support for companies, through positive confrontation groups and mixed support to find concrete solutions to advance balanced leadership; A toolbox for companies to deploy the approach and make gender diversity a real lever for growth;
  • A Summary white paper concrete proposals resulting from times of sharing.

You wish to participate in the second participatory and agile workshop on Thursday 1is July from 6:45 p.m. to 9 p.m.?

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