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Earlier Britain accused Russia of being able to test space anti-satellite weapons. The country’s defense minister said it endangers the peaceful use of space

Ben Wallace

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The UK will increase its ability to counter the threats posed by Russia and China in space, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement to The Telegraph.

“This week, we were reminded of the threat that Russia poses to our national security with the provocative test of a weapon-like projectile from a satellite that jeopardizes the peaceful uses of space. But Russia is not alone. China is also developing offensive space weapons, and both nations are building up their capabilities, ”Wallace wrote. He also called on Moscow to avoid further similar trials and instead work constructively with Britain and other partners.

According to him, the actions of both countries only underscore the importance of the revision of the security and defense policy, which the UK is currently undertaking. Wallace noted that after the completion of this process, the country will pursue a new generation of defense policy. “As the traditional form of conflict disappears and cyberspace and data become a battleground, we must outsmart our adversaries by taking advantage of more technological advantages and constantly focusing on innovation,” the Minister of Defense said.

US and Britain accused Russia of testing anti-satellite weapons

Launch of the Soyuz-2 carrier rocket  from the Plesetsk cosmodrome

Earlier this week, Britain expressed concern that Russia may be testing space-based anti-satellite weapons. The head of the British space program, Vice Marshal Harvey Smith, announced a “weapons-grade facility” launched by Russia and warned that such actions threaten the peaceful uses of space. The United States also filed its accusations – the space command said it had evidence that Russia conducted such tests on July 15.


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