Britain is in shock: The father ran over his daughter twice with a car, she died. They say it was an accident

Uncontrollable rage

“The man became estranged from his family some time ago, mainly because of his drinking, drug use and violence,” the court heard on Thursday. The jury also heard audio recordings of a badly injured Lauren moaning after her father allegedly ran her over twice in his black Mercedes sedan at around 8.30pm.

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Norwich Crown Court heard that before running over his daughter, Malt was enraged and wanted to attack her boyfriend, Arthur Marnell, with a crowbar. Nineteen-year-old Lauren tried to stop him, which provoked him to even more aggression.

“He knew what he was doing. In that terrible rage, he intended to kill Lauren or at the very least cause her serious harm. He backed his car into his daughter and hit her. After knocking her to the ground, he stopped, started again and drove forward again over her body,” prosecutor Andrew Jackson told the court.

We heard the girl suffering, witnesses say

At the court, those present also heard a recording of the brutal act, recorded on a mobile phone. “Lauren can be heard suffering under the car. The defendant must have heard those threatening sounds,” noted prosecutor Jackson.

The court also heard that Lauren, who suffered a fractured spine, sternum and ribs, died from traumatic injuries to her chest and abdomen. “She was crushed to death,” the prosecutor added.

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The jury also saw other footage taken by neighbors on a cell phone. At them, after running into his daughter, Malt yells, “Lauren, get up, please!”, while the neighbor retorts, “You killed her, fuck you, you killed her!”

Don’t call the police, the defendant said

According to Sky News, in the recording taken at around 7.25pm, Malt said: “Don’t call the police.” He then loaded his daughter’s lifeless body into his car and drove it to a nearby shop where Lauren’s mother Karen worked, the court heard.

CCTV footage from the store showed Karen desperately trying to help her daughter. However, she was lying motionless on the passenger seat of Malto’s car.

It was said to be an accident

Defense attorney Allison Summers suggested what happened was an accident and asked jurors to consider whether Malt “actually saw his daughter behind the car while backing up.” She also stated that he had been drinking and was more or less under the influence of alcohol.

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“Malt was so distracted by his own anger towards Arthur Marnell that, instead of making a proper check to make sure no one was behind his car, he reversed at speed and in a thoughtless manner in anger,” said the man’s barrister.

Details of family problems were heard in court. “Malt’s relationship with the family was marred by drinking, drug use and violent behavior by the defendant. His wife moved to another house last April. In addition, she reported him to the police in April 2021 for assaulting her,” the prosecutor said.

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The verdict in the case has not yet been passed, the trial will continue in the coming days.