Britain wants to punish Russia for gas “Newbie”

Britain wants to punish Russia for gas “Newbie”

A week ago, former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal, along with his daughter Julia, was found unconscious on a bench near a shopping center in the city Salisbury ( see the beginning of this story ). Previously, Skripal won the fame of “the most effective traitor” in the recent history of Russian special services and for a long time lived in the southeast Of England . However, the 66-year-old former agent and his daughter now lie in a hospital in a coma, and the authorities, despite the absence of any evidence, have already been accused of attempted murder Moscow , threatening unprecedented sanctions.
On Monday, the Prime Minister Britain Theresa May spoke in parliament with direct accusations against Of Russia .
– Either it was about the direct action of the Russian state against our country. Or else, the Russian government has lost control of a potentially catastrophically dangerous nerve agent and allowed it to fall into the wrong hands, she said, and named what was poisoned by Skripal. – The gas is part of a group of nerve agents, known as the “Newbie”. On Wednesday we will study in detail the response from RF . If there is no credible answer, we conclude that this action is equated with the illegal use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom.
British media reported that in retaliation London can go to mass deportation of Russian diplomats, freeze the assets settled on Thames rich people from our country. And the Times newspaper told that British intelligence agencies are ready to conduct a hacker attack against important Russian cyber resources!
Theresa May was supported by the Secretary of State USA Rex Tillerson :
– From Of Ukraine before Syria , and now to Great Britain Russia continues to be an irresponsible force that carries instability to the world …
In the very administration of Trump, Russia is not in a hurry to blame Russia. Asked about Moscow’s involvement in the poisoning of Skripal, the White House spokeswoman replied: “We will work together with the UK and will be together with them in the course of this process.”
– Immediately, as soon as there were rumors inflated by members of the British leadership, about the fact that the substance produced in the Russian Federation was involved in poisoning, we immediately requested an official note to access this substance so that our experts could analyze it in accordance with the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical weapons. Before putting ultimatums – to report to the British government in 24 hours – it is better to comply with their own obligations under international law, in this case the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Russia is not guilty, Russia is ready to cooperate if the United Kingdom takes the trouble and descends before fulfilling its international legal obligations on the same document, MFA RF Sergey Lavrov .

Officers in protective suits check the grave of the wife of ex-colonel Lyudmila, on which he allegedly visited on the eve of his poisoning. A photo: REUTERS

Three important questions on the essence of what happened
1. What kind of poison?
Theresa May pronounced the name of the poison, which was prompted to her by special services, the nerve gas “Novice”. It belongs to the category of poisonous substances of nerve-paralytic action of the third generation, developed during the Soviet era when implementing the secret project “Foliant”. That program was started in 1973. The goal was to create a poisonous substance with a rapid decomposition rate of the constituent chemical compounds (each of which is harmless in itself but forms a lethal mixture during interaction), the possibility of using in extremely low doses and at close contacts. People against whom this gas is used, if they survive, they remain disabled invalids. It is also known that the chemist Vil Mirzayanov, who worked for the creation of the “Novice”, received the state award for this, went to the USA in the 90s and published a book there, where he told everything about the “Foliant” project and even completely gave the chemical compound formula.
– Russia not only stopped the release of nerve gases, including “Novik”, but also completely destroyed all of their reserves. This was done in accordance with international agreements under the supervision of international observers of the OPCW, RIA “News” veteran of special services, senator Igor Morozov .

– There could be some reserves in the world gas , including terrorist groups, but even if Great Britain believes that the substance was manufactured in Russia, which I personally highly doubt, this does not mean that Russia organized and conducted all this, “the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Eugene Serebrennikov.
2. The American track?
– The situation is played out according to the scenario similar to the murder in London in 2006 of another ex-employee of Russian special services – Alexander Litvinenko . As in the way, no one even tries to change the way to eliminate it (only polonium has been changed to another substance), – says political analyst Anton Hashchenko . “Why should we try to liquidate a former intelligence officer who has long been of no interest, and so clumsily and on the eve of the elections?” It is profitable for those who are interested in worsening relations with Russia, demonizing us even more, continuing the policy of sanctions and pressure.
– The attempt at the Skripal threatens to disrupt any cooperation of Russia with The West , which is simply not profitable for us, – believes the candidate of historical sciences Yaroslav Levin . – As, perhaps, and London: if the traitor gave valuable advice, let him continue. So, perhaps, behind this is the “third rejoicing”. Philistines think: if a person is connected with intelligence, it is untouchable with the “iron roof”. But he can just as well please in some criminal bind, far from the operations of special services.
It is rumored that Skripal collaborated with former MI agent Christopher Steele, the author of the very “Trump file” (composed with the money of his Democratic enemies), where the Republican was accused of “links with the Russians.” Collecting this incriminating material Steel could with the help of the “specialist in Russia” Skripal. And now it turned out that almost everyone in the Trump dossier is fraud or direct fiction. That could hardly please influential customers. To remove a man who could tell a lot about the anti-Tramp campaign is quite logical.
3. Can the British boycott the 2018 World Cup?
At the nose of the World Cup in Russia, and some British politicians are already proposing to withdraw their team because of what happened. But in the sports industry its own rules. If the team refuses to participate, its place is taken by the rival who took off during the qualifying tournament. In our case, the Italians. In addition, under FIFA regulations, in the case of a boycott, the British team can be disqualified for several years, that is, it will also miss the next World Cup-2022 in Qatar . A national federation of football is waiting for a fine of 250 thousand Swiss francs. But these are mere trifles in comparison with what losses the British sports industry will incur. For example, Italians who did not qualify for the championship, according to their calculations, will lose 1 billion euros – on advertising contracts for the national team, selling paraphernalia, tour tickets with tickets for matches …

Mikhail Ozerov is promised to send an envelope with anthrax spores. Photo: Personal archive

The Special Corps “KP” in the UK received a letter with threats:
“Russian, you are already lying dead in the ground”
Mikhail OZEROV
Anti-Russian hysteria in Foggy Albion has led to the fact that they are already threatening journalists – anthrax disputes.
In the message that I received on my email from an Anthony, – solid mate. In pure English. Walking through it, I read: “Get out of Britain.” Then even more sinister: “I have access to the anthrax, beware.” And after another portion of the mat: “Russian, you’re already lying dead in the ground.”
Anthrax is an anthrax that is deadly for a person, and I naturally did not cause this message of enthusiasm. But also a special surprise too: the situation is very hot now on the banks of the Thames. The most paradoxical – there is still no evidence of Russian involvement in the attempted assassination of ex-colonel GRU Sergey Skripal, and the verdict is practically passed. And the local media demand that it be as severe as possible.
At the same time, an attack began on the leader of the main opposition party, Jeremy Corbin. How did he dare, speaking after Teresa May in the parliament, to call first to understand the situation, and only then to take anti-Russian measures. For such words, the Times branded Mr. Corbin as a “traitor to national interests.” In general, the discrediting of our country is under the full program. That’s the Russian journalists began to come threats …

Pic .: Katerina MARTINOVICH

What else can accuse Russia?
Alexander PROKHANOV, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Zavtra:
– Yes, anything! Who, in my opinion myths West, can be accused of Pompeii August 24, 79 AD were buried under volcanic ash? Of course, Russia! The same we provoked the eruption Vesuvius !! There is also a “documentary confirmation” – a picture of Charles Bryullov “The last day of Pompeii”. How to react to all this nonsense? Yes, in any way! Work and strengthen the native state.
Anatoly KULIKOV, Army General, former Interior Minister, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation:
– What about Skripal – a real insanity. This is a provocation. On the eve of the presidential elections in Russia and on the eve of the World Cup 2018. Provocators just expect to provoke anger from the West. Who are they? Obviously not from Russia. But the more often we make excuses, the more suspicions will appear.
John COPISKI, an English farmer working in the Vladimir region:
– Yes, what difference does it make to us, what can the West accuse us of? It’s all nonsense. Why do we need to explain something? If they do not understand that Russia is free, these are their problems.
Dmitry ABZALOV, President of the Center for Strategic Communications:
– The most dangerous, perhaps, is the accusation of violating the rules for the development of chemical weapons. We want to sew the second East Aleppo or another Eastern Gutu. Teresa May did not in vain mention the substance (nerve gas), in the development of which they accused Russia in the 90s. It was believed that we violated the agreement on control over chemical weapons. This is an attempt to discredit us as guarantors of its destruction in Syria. Risks are associated with the aggravation of the situation there.
Dmitry “Goblin” Puchkov, the translator:
– Why did they not give the US time to explain which of the CIA poisoned another character? What, in the UK have already dealt with the Litvinenko case? In my opinion, no. And with what a fright for it Russia should answer, it is not clear …
Arseniy, listener of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (97.2 FM):
“It’s time for the West to accuse Russia of the fact that the sun rises in the east, and not in the west. This involves hackers from Russia!

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