Is a magnum an ice lollipop? Whatever your answer to this question, 28% of Britons have called chocolate-coated ice cream their favorite ice lollipop in a recent survey.

A poll by YouGov gave respondents a free choice – they did not just choose a predefined list – which means that enough people were happy to call it a lolly to get the title.

Common second place was the tri-color Fab and Solero.

But the victory of Magnum was overshadowed by the debate as to whether he would even have earned a place in the competition – among other intruders.

Twister won 7% of the vote, Feast 6%.

People demanded a rerun of the survey, hoping that their lollipop would topple Magnum or try to ban it from the competition.

The Top 10 YouGov listings were rounded off by Calippo (5%), Orange (3%), Cornetto (3%), Fruit Pastille (3%) and Mivvi (2%).

Let's hope the ice cream truck rings around the corner sometime to fuel the debate.



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