A British Airways flight from London to Calgary had to land at a remote Canadian airport after pilots reported smoke in the cockpit.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed "safely" at Iqaluit Airport in Nunavut, where at least one passenger was reportedly treated by doctors.

The passenger flight landed at 1 ° C at 19:20 local time (11:20 local time) after departure from Heathrow at 18:30 on Wednesday.

Canadian media said that the pilots of the aircraft wore oxygen masks when they were diverted to the airport on Baffin Island. British Airways said the landing was a precautionary measure for a "possible technical problem".

The flight was rerouted after smoke was reported in the cockpit five hours after the ride (REUTERS)

Aeronautical journalist Tom Podolec tweeted: "Burning smell / fumes in the cockpit, pilots wore oxygen masks, one passenger had a sore arm, he was treated by medics."

Firefighters and emergency services are waiting in the snow for the airport, which will be able to receive international flights after opening a 9,000-square-meter terminal last year.

Nunatsiaq News reported that the approximately 200 passengers were taken by school bus to hotels before boarding a replacement plane to Calgary in the morning.

Emergency personnel board British Airways flight BA103 from London to Calgary (REUTERS)

A spokesman for British Airways said, "The plane landed safely, and our well-trained flight crew prepared the aircraft for a technical problem as a precautionary measure.

"We are very sorry that our customers are bothered and delayed, our cabin crew has taken care of them and we are taking them to their destination as soon as possible.

British Airways flight BA103 from London to Calgary can be seen on the asphalt in Iqaluit (REUTERS)

"The safety of our customers and our crew is always our top priority."



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