British Airways: soon broadband Wifi on board aircraft?


This is news that could revolutionize the world of air transport. On Monday, Inmarsat announced the launch of its so-called Internet EAN system onboard aircraft, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom. This system is intended to promote a broadband internet service during flights. And the first to test this service is none other than International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways , but also Aer Lingus, Vueling or Iberia. The company signed a contract in March 2017 which then made him the launch customer of the EAN system.
Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom “will now be able to link the Internet in flight via satellite with a terrestrial network and make broadband in airplanes a reality for regional aircraft,” says Inmarsat in a statement. The two partners have obtained the green light from the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (Arcep) for the use of ground stations on French territory that will increase the capacity of the satellite Inmarsat S-Band launched in June 2017. TDF is the French partner of this program whose terrestrial network consists of three hundred stations installed in all the countries of the European Union as well as Swiss and in Norway .
Airbus joined the movement
“EAN will provide European airline passengers with unprecedented reliability and speed of wireless access,” said Philip Balaam, president of Inmarsat Aviation. “The goal is to transform the passenger experience and revolutionize the short-haul economic model by releasing additional ancillary revenue streams for airlines – advertising, sponsorship, e-commerce, and increased passenger loyalty, “he added.
EAN offers airlines a technology “specially adapted to the needs of European airspace coverage, the dimensions of short and medium-haul aircraft,” says the group. He points out that Airbus has signed an agreement to facilitate the installation of EAN on all its A320 aircraft. Groups like Thales and Nokia have joined the EAN program.


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