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Mr. Hill's weight has dropped since he fell ill

A British backpacker who got sepsis after being bitten by a mosquito was taken to a Thai hospital after being "bogged down" abroad for two months.

Calvin Hill, 27, of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, was flown to Thailand on Sunday after being in the Cambodian hospital for nine weeks.

His relatives said doctors estimate he will be there for about another month.

The family has spent £ 8,000 for round trips to be with Mr Hill since May.

Mr. Hill was transported to Thailand from the mosquito bite more than two months after the development of a sepsis.

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Mr. Hill pictured in Cambodia before he fell ill

He was found by roommates in a hostel, three days before he was home, unconscious and "not breathing properly."

He spent two weeks in a coma, doctors told his family that they should expect the worst.

Despite the predictions of the doctors, he has since come out of coma and can now speak and move his limbs, but is half his original weight and has a hole in his foot.

"They say he's too unwell to bring home, but he'll never get better until he gets home," his mother Tracey said.

She felt that the hospital in Thailand was "much better".

"Thailand has better resources and the nurses really care about it."

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Calvin Hill was in a coma for two weeks, according to his family

"They are currently running tests that show us where we are."

Mr. Hill can not fly home at the moment because he has to lie down during the flight and can not sit up and take off.

During his time abroad, Mr. Hills family has spent more than £ 8,000 on flights, hotel stays and the extension of his visa after it has expired.

"I do not begrudge it," added Tracey. "But it's a lot of money to find almost immediately.

"But it's worth it for Calvin."


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