British brothers and sisters who have 80% of their stomachs removed after hearing that “If you are obese, you can easily get coronavirus”

Alexander (left) and Siobhan McDonald’s siblings lost weight after undergoing gastrectomy on the news that obesity is vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. The two had 80% of their stomach removed and lost a total of 102 kg. (Mirror capture) © News1

A British brother and sister who feared infection lost weight through gastrectomy after a study found that obese and diabetic people were more vulnerable to COVID-19 and more likely to die from it.

On the 19th (local time), foreign media such as the Mirror reported that Siobhan McDonald (27) and Alexander McDonald (22) each had a gastrectomy at a cost of 2,800 pounds (about 4.4 million won), for a total of 16 stones (102 kg). 1 stone = 14 pounds, 6.35 kg) was reported.

The reason why the siblings decided to have gastrectomy was because of news related to the relationship between the risk of COVID-19 infection and obesity.

Amid the recent surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in Europe and the United States, many of them are obese or diabetic.

“At the time of the first lockdown, my brother Alexander was told that his health could be at risk if he contracted COVID-19,” said Siobhan, explaining why he decided to have a gastrectomy.

The two had surgery to remove 80% of their stomachs each at a hospital in Izmir, Turkey, where the cost of surgery is cheaper than in the UK.

Siobhan said, “After my sister died and my father died in an accident when I was young, I became gluttonous due to shock and stress. Now after surgery, I regain my confidence and I enjoy buying clothes or taking pictures on social networking services.”

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Meanwhile, last year, a research team led by Philip Scherer, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center in the United States, published in the international academic journal Life Life in September, “If a person with an underlying disease such as obesity or type 2 diabetes becomes infected with Corona 19, There is a high probability of developing into ‘severe abnormality’,” announced the results of the study.

At the time, the researchers said, “In obese patients, more ACE2 receptors cause an explosive proliferation of the virus and lead to unfavorable results.” “The ACE2 receptors that bind to the COVID-19 virus enter the lungs and increase the concentration of coronaviruses in the lung tissue.” he explained.