Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, has given permission for the Premier League to resume from June 1. The British Government thus allows the clubs to decide now which is the most suitable date depending, of course, on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic. On June 12 it appears, as in the Spanish League, as the chosen day, although the teams are still debating on this matter. Until that day 1 any professional competition is prohibited.

The matches would be behind closed doors, as will happen next week in the German Bundesliga and, of course, in Spain. Only when a vaccine against the virus is found will the public enter the English stadiums. The government’s plan explains that “cultural and sporting events are held behind closed doors for transmission, avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact.”

92 games to play

With the government’s decision to give the green light to professional sports in the United Kingdom from June 1, but always behind closed doors, it remains to be seen how the Premier will adjust the schedule, determined to end the championship as “out”. As long as it was safe, of course. There are still 92 games to play.

This Monday was decision day and after a meeting of the 20 clubs, the Premier announced that most prefer to play at home and away, rather than on neutral fields, when the competition resumes. A proposal knocked down by the pressure of the bottoms.

“Everyone would prefer to play at home and away if possible, and it is clear that some teams love him more than others,” said Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier.

Extension of contracts

There are several clubs at the bottom of the table, such as Watford, Aston Villa and Brighton & Hove Albion, who have expressed their refusal to play on neutral fields as a disadvantage.

“We are contacting the authorities and listening to their recommendations, in addition to representing the clubs in these conversations,” added Masters. “We are working to create a responsible and safe model in which to complete the season,” he stressed.

The clubs were also in favor of extending the contracts of the players who end their contractual relationship on June 30 and who could therefore not play in July and August. The meetings will continue throughout the week.


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