‘British government wants to lift Northern Ireland’s special EU status’

Corresponding Flower Launspach:

“The British have long been unhappy with the post-Brexit border agreements laid down in the Northern Ireland Protocol. The customs controls are there to protect the European market, but they create problems for internal trade flows in the United Kingdom and are seen by the British government as a border within their own country.

Negotiations with Brussels have been going on for more than 16 months and are downright difficult. However, it has now returned to the top of the agenda as elections have just been held in Northern Ireland, with one of the two parties saying it will not form a coalition until border issues are resolved.

This is not the first time that the British threaten to unilaterally cancel the border agreements; something that would have major implications for the relationship between the EU and the UK, but is also used as a negotiating technique to put extra pressure on Brussels.”