British King Charles III in his address to the German parliament points out the threat to European security / Article

This is Charles’ first official foreign visit since taking over as king following the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

This was the first time a British monarch had addressed the German parliament. In his 30-minute speech, Charles III mentioned his mother, praised the friendly relationship between the two countries, and stressed that allies such as Germany and Britain can take courage from their unity.

British King Charles III meets with German and British soldiers during his visit to Germany


“War is back in Europe again. This war has caused unimaginable suffering to many innocent people. Thousands of lives have been destroyed and freedom and dignity have been destroyed. Europe’s security is at risk as much as our democratic values,” Charles admitted. “But the world didn’t stand by and just look at it. We are appalled by the destruction we see, but we must take courage in our unity to protect Ukraine, to protect freedom and democracy.

Germany and Great Britain play an important leading role as the biggest supporters of Ukraine. We have responded decisively, quickly and in a manner that was previously unimaginable.”


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