British Military Nuclear Weapons Convoy on Highway, Sparks Outrage


A convoy of British military trucks carrying nuclear weapons crosses the M6, the country’s most famous highway. Photo/Westmorland Gazette

LONDON – Military English carry out a convoy of loaded trucks nuclear weapons across the M6, the country’s most famous highway. The convoy has angered anti-nuclear weapons campaigners as it also passes near schools and hospitals.

Collect LancashireLiveFriday (1/7/2022), military trucks loaded with nuclear warheads were moving through Lancashire and Cumbria en route to Scotland.

Photographs taken by the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament (CND) show a procession of olive-green military trucks seen on the streets.

The trucks had passed Kirkham, Preston, Garstand, Lancaster, Kendal, Penrith, and then Carlisle before heading north of the border.

Campaigners believe the transport of highly dangerous nuclear weapons is increasing in frequency with little information provided.

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But Britain’s Ministry of Defence says in more than 50 years that nuclear material has been transported by road in the UK, and there has never been an incident that poses a radiation hazard to the public or the environment.

“All convoy operations are carried out by highly trained personnel under strict operational and procedural conditions,” the ministry said.

Philip Gilligan, spokesman for the Nuclear Disarmament Campaign, has called for an end to the transportation of nuclear warheads along roads in the region and elsewhere.