British musician Pete Doherty was again detained in Paris. Reedus


The notorious founder and member of The Libertines, Pete Doherty, staged a fight in Paris on November 10 and was again detained by the police. The 40-year-old musician was intoxicated, AFP reported.

The lawyer of the British singer noted that his client had a fight with another drunk man. A police source said that Doherty was taken into custody for "using violence while intoxicated."

On November 8, Doherty was detained in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. The musician was buying drugs. The Briton tried to resist the police, but reinforcements came to their aid. After a day, the brawlers were released, fined five thousand euros.

Since 2009, Doherty has been prohibited from residing in London. In 2011, a British court sentenced him to six months in prison for possession of cocaine. In 2012, the musician was kicked out of an expensive drug addiction center in Thailand after doctors said he did not want to get rid of his passion for heroin.

Now The Libertines and Doherty are touring Europe. The musician’s lawyer promised the court to hire a narcologist to monitor Pete around the clock. Apparently, he failed.

In mid-October, members of the Zstreet group died of drug poisoning.


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