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British sailor admits to kill woman at sea

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Lewis Bennett was sentenced to seven months in prison for smuggling stolen coins

A Briton claiming that his American wife had disappeared at sea after his catamaran sank off the coast of Cuba admitted he had killed him.

Lewis Bennett and Isabella Hellmann were married for three months when she was reported missing by her husband.

Detectives later learned that the boat had been deliberately sunk. Her body was never found.

On Monday, Bennett, 41, indicted an involuntary manslaughter at a Miami, Florida hearing.

The British-Australian dual citizen from Poole, Dorset, was charged with second-degree murder in December.

But he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of unlawful killing without malice after he had made a plea bargain.

The couple rode from Cuba to Delray Beach, Florida, on an 11m catamaran when Bennett reported missing Miss Hellmann in an SOS call on May 15, 2017.

He claimed her catamaran was sinking, and his 41-year-old wife was nowhere to be seen.

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US Coast Guard

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Bennett reported that his wife was missing on an SOS call when her catamaran sank

However, the authorities soon suspected that Bennett had killed his wife, the mother of his child.

In the months following her disappearance, he asked to declare her dead.

The prosecution claimed that he was motivated by money because he had inherited Mrs. Hellmann's apartment in Florida and the contents of her bank account.

When he was rescued, the investigators found that he had smuggled stolen ancient coins worth nearly £ 30,000.

He had reported that the coins had been stolen by a former employer in St. Maarten the year before.

Bennett is currently serving a seven-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to transporting the coins.

He is sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison if he is sentenced next year for the death of his wife.


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