A British sailor was accused of murdering his wife and sinking a catamaran.

The prosecutors alleged that Lewis Bennett of Poole, Dorset, killed Isabella Hellmann to come out of a tense marriage and also inherit her home and money.

The 41-year-old was rescued alone off the coast of Cuba in May 2017.

Lewis Bennett and Isabella Hellmann (Image: Facebook)

Bennett and Ms. Hellmann, also 41, had landed at their home in Delray Beach, Florida, when Bennett made an SOS call and said she was missing and his 37 foot boat sank.

The authorities believe that the alleged murder could have occurred when Ms. Hellman may have discovered that her husband owned gold and silver coins stolen from his former employer in St. Maarten.

Bennett, who is also an Australian, currently serves a seven-month term after allowing the $ 38,480 (£ 29,450) coins to be transported.

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Lewis Bennett is currently in a Florida jail (Photo: Broward Sheriff's Office)
Lewis Bennett's boat after capsizing (Photo: US Coast Guard)

Details of the allegations came from prosecutors after the FBI accused Bennett of murder.

Prosecutor Benjamin Greenberg called on the judge to allow him to allow talks that Mrs Hellmann had with her family on a number of issues, including the couple's bad finances and a possible move to Australia.

He claimed that one of those arguments had led to her murder.

Mr. Greenberg argued, "Hellmann's murder would remove the quarrel from the life of the defendant, allow the defendant to live his life as he wished, and allow him to inherit money from Hellmann's estate, which provides strong evidence to the defendant a strong motive to kill Hellmann.

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Mrs. Hellmann's family also disturbed Bennett's possessions and listened to his conversations because they suspected he was involved in the disappearance of Mrs. Hellmann.

Your body still needs to be found.

Bennett is due to be charged with second-degree murder in December.


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