Britney Spears had an abortion

The sad news was announced on Spagram with Spears ’love, Sam Asghari. The pregnancy of the world star was in its first weeks.

“We draw strength from our love for each other”

The legendary singer, 40-year-old Britney Spears: and her partner, Sam Asgarhi, told Sadagram news on Instagram that she was miscarried in the first weeks of her pregnancy. The news of the loss of the fetus has shocked millions of Spears fans worldwide.

“Maybe we should have waited to announce the news of the pregnancy until more time passed, but we were so excited.“Spears and Asghari wrote in their post about the tragic turnaround.

The music performer told the public back in April that they were expecting their first child together with Asghari. Back then, luck seemed to finally smile on lovers who are past a period of struggle: it is known that Spears has been under his father’s guardianship for more than a decade, and only recently has it been revealed how much suffering the former teen idol has had to endure around this time.

Incidentally, the singer announced last September that Asghari was finally engaged after half a decade of co-operation. Then he also showed his ring to the curious fans, and all indications were that his happiness might finally be fulfilled. True, there is virtually no reason for deep sadness, as all the circumstances have added to her getting pregnant again. Asghari, by the way, is 12 years younger than the world star, whose two sons were born from her ex-husband Kevin Federline: Sean Preston in 2005 and Jayden James in 2006.

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