Brits shocked by the birth of an 11-year-old girl

An 11-year-old girl recently gave birth, becoming the youngest British mother ever. This is reported by some British newspapers. The girl had become pregnant when she was ten.

The identity of the minor mother is not disclosed. The Sun says he is in contact with good acquaintances of the girl. The authorities are investigating. The delivery is said to have happened after at least 30 weeks. Both mother and child are healthy. They are cared for and helped.

The girl initially did not realize she was pregnant. “It was a big shock,” said a source close to the family. “She is now surrounded by experts. The important thing is that she and the baby are okay.”

According to a doctor, young children can experience hormonal developments earlier due to being overweight, for example. The identity of the father and the circumstances surrounding how the pregnancy started have not been disclosed.

Brother and sister

Until now, 12-year-old Tressa Middleton was the youngest British mother ever. She was raped by her brother. The baby has been removed from home by British youth care, her brother received a prison sentence. Earlier in 2017 there were stories about a birth of an 11-year-old, but nothing more was known at the time.

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