Brittany: Farmers discover on their island a piece of SpaceX rocket


The Chinese Space Station’s return to the atmosphere in early April has fascinated the world of astronomy and fueled a lot of speculation about where debris from it could fall. . Two Breton farmers have only had to walk on the island of Quéménès, where they have lived since January, to discover what is clearly a space rocket element as the story West France . Amélie Goosens and her companion, Etienne Menguy, trained engineers, carefully studied the object, a cone about 2.5 meters in diameter and 1.30 meters high. “We first thought about a racing boat,” they said after discovering the object having obviously stayed several months in the sea but not necessarily that of Iroise, where their island is. “There are shells, but they are not from here, they are not mussels from here,” the couple explains.

Trouvaille last night on the foreshore of #Quemenes … But what will you say to me? A sea bathtub (why not!)? A? Honestly we do not have the answer yet but we found on this object (2.50 m in diameter anyway …) a small plate @spacex ! #rocket – Farm of Quéménès – Île d’Iroise (@Quemenes_Iroise) April 12, 2018
A closer examination allows them to discover a plaque affixed to the object and bearing the SpaceX logo founded by American billionaire Elon Musk and who has been a regular feature of space news for a few years because of its many rocket launches. After sharing this discovery in a first tweet, the couple directly challenged Elon Musk to find out what he was returning to. “Look what we found at @SpaceX on the island of Quéménès, where we live in Brittany (France)! What is it?”, Ask the two farmers, before asking the contractor and a businessman if he ever wants to send an electric tractor into space because they “need” it too.

Hi @elonmusk Look at what we found from @SpaceX on the foreshore of #Quemenes , the island where we book in Brittany (France)! What is it? By the way will you send an electric tractor in space? We need one! ¿ #space #rocket #riddle #sea – Farm of Quéménès – Île d’Iroise (@Quemenes_Iroise) April 13, 2018
On Twitter, astronomer Jonathan McDowell explains that it could be from the nose of the capsule “Dragon” , which supplies the International Space Station, returned to earth and drifted to the shores of the island of Quéménès.

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