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“I visited an exotic animal park in Dundaga. I was shocked at the condition and condition of the animals. I did not see any containers with drinking water, although the heat outside was close to 30 degrees,” wrote a worried visitor to the park.

“I don’t understand how others praise their Facebook page. Zebra’s leg is torn, the wound is about 20 cm in size, all open. The side of the pony is also torn. Llamas, alpacas have grown, even the foil has grown in the wool! children should see torn wounds!?! You can bandage wounds or isolate animals so that children are not shocked to see such an animal! Walking out, we told the employee that the zebra had a terrible leg, but she said with a smile that she knew, “said another complaint.

Arriving in Dundaga, the trauma was felt not only to the already mentioned zebra, but also to the dear sow. Flies are already scarred. The camel behind the log fence also seems to have entered an unpleasant incident and suffered scars. But the other two brothers are then resting under the roof of a freely accessible building. Sheep, ostriches, rye, chickens and many other animals were also found in the area.

A park employee explains that animal injuries are common.

“Running on their own somewhere they collide or fight each other. It’s all natural. We treat those injuries ourselves,” he explains.

Ivars Koloda, the head of the North Kurzeme department of the FVS, says that they also go to check from time to time, but the FVS had not seen the photos sent by “Bez Tabu”.

Due to African swine fever, it is currently forbidden to keep rams in the open together with other animals. During the visit of “Without Taboos”, the growlers also walked somewhere.

“I am offended because I take care of the animals, I can take care of them as much as possible, as much as possible. There are two hands,” says Evita Laukšteina, the owner of the exotic animal park.

After repeated contact with the FVS, the program found out that the veterinarian practicing in the animal park had informed the FVS about the situation in the animal park, as well as issued the necessary medicines for wound care to the owners of the park. The FVS’s unplanned visit has not yet taken place.

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