This already hurts when looking!

NFL pro Tyler Eifert (28) of the Cincinnati Bengals (37:36 against Atlanta) has caused the fiercest scene of the fourth matchday in the best football league in the world – but involuntarily.

Eifert then remains with a distorted face, is transported on a stretcher.

What a unlucky person! Already last season, after a back surgery, the American had a long absence, and a cyst was removed. Again, a serious, protracted injury is expected again.

Patriots finish negative series

The New England Patriots have returned in the US Football League NFL with a strong performance. Led by star quarterback Tom Brady (41), the Patriots win 38: 7 against the Miami Dolphins and end their small series of two defeats.

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Photo: Steven Senne / AP Photo / dpa

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Finally a sense of achievement for NFL superstar Photo: Steven Senne / AP Photo / dpa

Brady succeeds in three touchdown passes and running back James White carries the ball twice into the end zone. For the Dolpins it is the first defeat of the season.

St. Brown first in the NFL squad

German Equanimeous St. Brown (22) celebrates an effortless 22: 0 against the Buffalo Bills with Green Bay Packers. The wide receiver made it for the first time in the squad of the team from the US state of Wisconsin, but is not used.

Defending champion Philadelphia Eagles on the other hand conceded the second defeat of the season. In the Tennessee Titans loses the Super Bowl winner with 23:26 after extra time.

all results

New England – Miami 38: 7
Dallas – Detroit 26:24
Chicago – Tampa Bay 48:10
Green Bay – Buffalo 22: 0
Jacksonville – New York Jets 31:12
Cincinnati – Atlanta 37:36
Tennessee – Philadelphia 26:23 n.V.
Houston – Indianapolis 37:34 n.V.
Seattle – Arizona 20:17
New Orleans – New York Giants 33:18
Los Angeles Chargers – San Francisco 29:27
Oakland – Cleveland
Pittsburgh – Baltimore



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