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Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau ahead in the first lap, Molinari 11th – OA Sport

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Good afternoon, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the first round of the Major opening of the current golf season, the Masters, which as usual takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club.

A certain climate of uncertainty reigns in relation to the favorites of the first of the four major tournaments, even more evident if we consider that in recent days the practice has been disturbed by weather conditions that are not exactly the best. There are 87 participants, including amateurs: the only Italian representative is Francesco Molinari, who comes from the seventh best player in the world with the aim of improving the 19th place, his best result obtained in 2012. To come from the leader of the global ranking is instead the Englishman Justin Rose, who last week ousted Dustin Johnson, but many eyes will be on Rory McIlroy, given the form of the Northern Irishman, and Tiger Woods, looking for a resounding fifteenth Major.

The first of the 29 groups that we will see today in the Masters race will start from the tee shot of hole 1 at 2.30 pm. We give you an appointment for then with the first of four, very long days with OA Sport! (Photo: Pier Colombo)

Today's tee times – The path – The favorites – Bets – Francesco Molinari – Tiger Woods


01.30 The LIVE LIVE of the first day of the Masters of Augusta 2019 closes today for today. Greetings to all OA Sport readers and goodnight!

01.29 Ranking of the first round
1. Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, -6
3. Phil Mickelson, -5
4. Ian Poulter and Dustin Johnson, -4
6. Justin Harding, Adam Scott, Kevin Kisner, Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Jon Rahm, -3
11th place for Francesco Molinari at -2, along with Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler

01.27 Ends in par Brooks Koepka, who ends at 66 with Bryson DeChambeau and therefore concludes this first day of the Masters.

01.26 But the worst day, Paul Casey lives, at +9, his worst ever Masters round. 81 shots, for someone like him, are really many, and it is penultimate in front of only Angel Cabrera, which however is almost like a retreat.

01.25 Closes in +3 Jordan Spieth, along with Justin Rose. A complex day for both the one and the other.

01.24 The last trio, the one with Brooks Koepka, will also start the day.

01.19 Justin Thomas's Bogey with whom his lap ends in +1, while Mickelson leaves the path welcomed by vigorous applause, thanks for his splendid performance today.

01.17 Phil Mickelson closes by par, with a birdie that takes him to third place with 67 shots, only one from Koepka and DeChambeau. It is what is said to not hear the 48 years!

01.16 Justin Rose closes the first lap in +3: difficult day for the world number 1, who tomorrow will have to aim to redeem himself.

01.14 The putt remains short, also because of the climb to be faced on this not-so-simple green.

01.13 He is about to look for a putt for the very long birdie Justin Thomas on the 18th.

01.10 I'm still in six having to close their first 18 holes: Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth, Paul Casey and Justin Thomas.

01.07 Closing in -2 for Jason Day, who despite being in a rather precarious physical condition manages to bring home a very good result of the day.

01.05 Par of Koepka after being well out of the bunker at 17, still -6 for him. Meanwhile, Dustin Johnson closes, and does so in -4, a score that at the moment secures him the third position

01.03 DeChambeau is greeted by a large number of applause on hole 18, where he only has to support the blow that certifies his engagement to Brooks Koepka in command at -6!

01.00 WHAT HAS DONE DECHAMBEAU! From the rough of the 18th, at an enormous distance, he risks an eagle that would have conquered all the titles, if not the newspapers, at least of the websites: the ball flies fast, slams on the flag and stays there, inches from the hole!

00.57 Concludes the even turn with par Bubba Watson.

00.56 The Japanese Satoshi Kodaira closes: for him there is a +3.

00.55 We remember the top five of the ranking: Brooks Koepka (-6), Bryson DeChambeau (-5), Ian Poulter, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson (-4).

00.50 There are still 12 left on the route of the Augusta National Golf Club.

00.49 Par for 16 for Brooks Koepka, who keeps leading to -6

00.48 FRANCESCO MOLINARI! Beautiful birdie to end his day at -2, right in the group where Tiger Woods is also in twelfth position. Good start for our player, there is a little something to fix with putt, but the form is all there.

00.45 Bogey from Jason Day at 17, where he takes three putts to post. The Australian drops to -2

00.43 Excellent second shot by Francesco Molinari at 18, six meters from the flag: there is hope of birdie to close at -2

00.41 Great approach by DeChambeau that goes into the hole from about ten meters and is worth the birdie at 17 and therefore the second solitary place at -5!

00.39 Officers the two advantage shots for Koepka on all the rest of the suitors!

00.37 BROOKS KOEPKA! Wonderful shot from behind the green of 15 which probably gives him a birdie, given the very short putt available, and therefore also the -6

00.36 Ian Poulter ends his lap, 68 his shots: the European hero of the 2012 Ryder Cup is second.

00.36 First shot very far to the left for Molinari at the 18th hole. It remains in the fairway, but it must be able to find the way to overcome the bunker in front of the green, or to make it practically supportive for the approach to the green if you really can't to avoid.

00.34 Classification situation: Brooks Koepka leads with -5 (he is playing hole 15), followed by Ian Poulter, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau plus Phil Mickelson which will be added in a few minutes. Jon Rahm, Adam Scott, Justin Harding, Kevin Kisner, Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Jason Day make up the group at -3.

00.31 ALMOST MIRACLE OF PHIL MICKELSON! Other than sunset for the American veteran, he risks the hole in one of the 16 and he earns in fact the -4, he is also second!

00.28 A -3 also Mickelson with birdies at 15, while Sergio Garcia ends at +1 and Jason Day at -3 at 16

00.27 And also Dustin Johnson moves to -4, in second position, with two holes left to him. Kevin Kisner finishes in -3.

00.25 Closes his lap Kiradech Aphibarnrat in 69 shots: the Thai is in the group at -3 in the fourth current position.

00.24 And there is Francesco Molinari's putt! The blue was good to get out of a complex situation at 17, now for him there is the last hole of the day to hook the Tiger Woods area

00.23 DECHAMBEAU RISKS THE HOLE IN ONE OF THE 16! He lacks nothing to succeed in a sensational feat on this par 3, in any case he practically ensured both the birdie and the -4 and, consequently, the second position

00.21 Great approach by Molinari, who moves two meters from the flag! At this point one step is missing to save par and go to hole 18.

00.19 We remember that Molinari, in the second lap, will leave, always with Rafa Cabrera Bello and Tyrrell Hatton, in the ninth group, at 4.30pm Italian time, so much earlier than today.

00.16 Good solution found by Francesco Molinari, who manages to place himself just off the green with the second shot avoiding both bunkers on either side. The Italian is about 25 meters from the flag.

00.13 Great putt by DeChambeau that almost makes eagle at 15, for him there is still a birdie that is worth the third provisional position, adding to the already large group placed there.

00.11 Molinari's bad first shot at 17, ends up in the trees. He will have to find a way out of there in a way that ensures at least the possibility of par.

00.09 Always the world number one, Justin Rose, at +4. English is on hole 14 together with Jordan Spieth, and the American shares the same fate as his tour companion today (and tomorrow as well, as the groups will be maintained, although departures take place at different times)

00.08 Nice tee shot by Bubba Watson on the 16th, even if he stays a little away from the flag

00.06 Current standings: Brooks Koepka leads at -5, followed by Ian Poulter at -4 and Justin Harding, Adam Scott, Jon Rahm, Kevin Kisner, Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Dustin Johnson, all at -3. Infinite list of men in ninth position, who starts with Tiger Woods and ends with Phil Mickelson, one of the three with that score that is still on track, along with Bryson DeChambeau and Jason Day.

00.03 Koepka's Birdie at 14! The American returns to the head alone with a good putt of about four meters, for him it is -5 so far

00.02 Molinari's first putt remains just wide on the right, which then concludes in par and remains at -1.

00.00 Par also of Aphibarnrat also to 17. Also he at -3.

23.59 Kisner par to the 17th. The American remains at -3 when only one hole is missing.

23.57 Good the Molinari tee shot at 16. The par is at 3, the distance is 19 feet.

23.55 ALSO POULTER A -4! The fight at the summit lights up, the Englishman puts the birdie at 16.

23.53 The German Langer closes with a trickshot, also at -1.

23.52 AND THE CHOICE PAYS !! Molinari places the birdie at 15, now it's at -1.

23.50 Alternative strategy for Molinari, who chooses to climb over the green and then turn back.

23.48 Brooks KOEPKAAAAA !! -4! It is only in command! Great birdie for him at 13!

23.46 DeChambeau errs, who with a bogey retreats to -2. Par of Day, always at -2, in the 14th.

23.46 Par for Johnson, who holds the -3 to the 14th.

23.44 Rose is still at 4 after 14 holes, a day to forget for English.

23.40 Also the Englishman Poulter (at 15) and the Thai Aphibarnrat (at 16) are placed at -3 in the lead, while Kisner saves the par in 16th.

23.37 Kevin Na ends with a bogey instead at -1.

23.36 Back to -2 Mickelson, with the second birdie consecutive to the 13th.

23.34 The joy is short-lived for Kisner, who sends the ball into the water at the 16th tee.

23.30 Now there are seven in the lead, namely Dechambeau, Johnson, Kisner and Koepka who are still in the race, while they have already finished at -3 Scott, Rahm and Harding.

23.29 IT'S HAPPENING EVERYTHING !! Even Kinser puts the birdie at 15, he is also 3.

23.28 DUSTIN JOHNSON! What a blow for the American, who with a birdie at 13 goes to -3.

23.27 The Thai Apibarnat records a birdie at 15 and jumps to -2.

23.26 ALSO DECHAMBEAU !!!! Also he in the lead after the birdie at 13.

23.25 KOEPKAAAAA !! Sumptuous American putt, who shoves the birdie at 12 and takes the lead at -3.

23.24 The -2 club is getting richer, with the Australian Day joining the list after a birdie.

23.22 He is not able to exploit the situation Molinari, who goes along with the putt and must be satisfied with the par also in the fourteenth. It is at 0, and the head is three lengths away.

23.19 Another par for Kevin Na at 17, remaining at -2.

23.17 Meanwhile, Koepka parried to the eleventh hole, remaining at -2.

23.16 MOLINARIIII !! Great second shot in the fourteenth, is running for the birdie!

23.14 The American Kinser is added to the large club of -2, thanks to a birdie at the fourteenth.

23.12 Par of the German Langer, legend of this sport, located at -1 after the sixteenth hole.

23.10 At the 36th appearance in Augusta Langer continues to amaze, which is very close to the birdie of -2 to 15.

23.07 Dechambeau birdies! After the 12 he also places himself at -2. What a brawl!

23.06 In the meantime, Molinari to 13.

23.04 Kizzire also ends the day, always at -2.

23.02 Eagle by Matt Wallace, who on the 15th saves from +4 to +2.

22.59 Recapitulating in the lead at -3 we have the South African Harding, the Spanish Rahm and the Australian Scott, while between the -2 is added the American Kevin Na, after a birdie at the fifteenth.

22.56 Also goes up Koepka! Birdie also for the tenth hole, and is now at -2. There are 14 golfers at -2, and you are still in the race.

22.54 DUSTIN JOHNSON! WHAT A HIT! He too returns to -2 with a birdie!

22.52 Birdie of the English Poulter at the thirteenth hole. He is also at -2.

22.50 Great shot by Matt Kuchar! The American man realizes an eagle at 13 and places himself at -2, close to the first.

22.48 NO KIZZIR! Many problems for him in the eighteenth hole, and ends the day at -1.

22.46 Bogey for Mickelson, at -1.

22.45 Par of the Danish Olsen, now at -2 after 15 holes.

22.43 At a hole at the end the American Kizzire remains in the lead, through the par which is worth -3. Kevin Na is also approaching, who finds himself with a birdie at -1.

22.41 Closes the twelfth hole with a par also Chicco Molinari.

22.40 Not knowing the age of Phil Mickelson, who is now at -2 after nine holes.

22.37 Rickie Fowler also ends at -2.

22.36 ROY MCILROY'S BOGEY! Northern Ireland closes at +1.

22.34 Par for the Australians Day and Smith. The first is at -1 after the tenth hole, while the second closes the day with -2.

22.33 Instead, the ordeal of the world number 1 Dustin Rose continues, now at +4 after nine holes.

22.30 PROBLEMS FOR MOLINARS! In fact, the blue sends the ball into the water in the second shot of the eleventh hole, and manages to save the bogey with a putt. Now it is at 0, three lengths away from the first.

22.29 DOES NOT TIGER WOODS MISUSE! The US hunt for the fifth title at the Augusta Masters begins with a positive 70!

22.28 RAHM CLOSE A -3! The Spaniard ends an excellent first lap in 69 rounds safely and maintains the top spot!

22.26 Also the approach of Tiger Woods that stops less than a meter from the hole on the green of 18 is excellent!

22.24 Ninth par of the day for Francesco Molinari who exceeds the hole 10 unscathed and remains at -1 in the standings

22.22 The approach of Rahm is wonderful, leaving a putt of a meter and a half to close the first lap with a score of -3!

22.20 Rahm chooses a more defensive strategy after he too ended up in a bunker with the tee shot at 18. The Spaniard stops just off the green and will look for the approach and put it to save the par

22.19 Tiger Woods reaches the green of 18 from the bunker and will try to save the par in the last hole of his first lap

22.16 The situation at the moment sees the command with the score of -3 five players: Scott (69), Harding (69) and Woodland (69) have already concluded, while Rahm (17) and Kizzire (16) are still on the path

22.12 Phil Mickelson goes up in the -2 group too! Really incredible balance right now with a very short ranking!

22.10 THAT MOLINARY APPROACH! The Italian is in danger of posting with the third shot but closes with a par at 10!

22.09 There is the bogey for Tiger Woods at 17! The American slips to -2, while Rahm closes with par

22.06 Molinari's second blow to 10. The blue ends completely to the right and the green is missing, a complex approach to save the par

22.04 Stellar McIlroy's shot at 16 which brought the Northern Irishman back into full fight for the top positions, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful shots so far on this first day of the Augusta Masters.

22.02 Birdie for Dustin Johnson who goes to -2 after the first eight holes, more than positive departure for the former n.1 in the world who travels with Bryson DeChambeau (he too -2 after the first eight)

22.00 Tiger Woods left the right woods at 17, his ball stops a step away from the green and the US will try to save the par with approach and putt

21.58 MCILROY! BIRDIE AT 16! The Northern Irishman recovers positions and finds himself with a score of -1 after the first sixteen holes!

21.54 Ricky Fowler puts in another birdie, this time at hole 15, and goes up to -2 for the tournament!

21.52 Completely to the right, Tiger Woods' tee shot at 17 which ends in the woods, a complicated exit coming

21.50 Francesco Molinari closes with the par also the 9 and leaves the first nine holes with the score -1. The only Italian in the race has wasted several good birdie opportunities, but he is demonstrating a decidedly solid game from the medium and long distance.

9.49 pm Rory McIlroy returns with the par for the tournament after the birdie on the 15th, first swinging round for the Northern Irishman

21.48 Rahm touches the putt from a very long distance, perfectly reading the green slope of 16

21.44 Molinari remains short with the approach to 9 and stops just outside the green, about fifteen meters from the hole

21.42 Tony Finau closes the first lap with a score of 71, tenth last year at the Masters debut

21.40 Both Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm manage to save the par at 15 remaining at the top of the ranking

21.38 Let's recap the situation at the top of the standings, with a sextet of -6. Two players have already finished their first round in 69 shots: South African Justin Harding and Australian Adam Scott. The other four are still on the field: the Americans Tiger Woods (14), Gary Woodland (16), Patton Kizzire (14) and the Spaniard Jon Rahm (14)

21.35 Molinari closes with par and remains -1 after the first eight holes, the putt of the Italian champion is not working at best …

21.34 Heavy contact for Tiger Woods who misses the approach and finds himself at bogey's risk at 15

21.33 Molinari's approach is slightly short, a putt of just over two meters remains for blue to find the birdie at hole 8

21.32 ALSO ADAM SCOTT A -3! The level is rising considerably in this second part of the day on the first lap of the Augusta Masters 2019!

21.30 Tiger Woods ends up long trying to reach the green in two shots on par 5 of 15, a theoretically not too complex approach, however, for the current leader of the classification.

21.27 Molinari looks for the green in two shots on par 5 of the eight and remains slightly short, however another chance for birdies for the blue which seems in excellent condition even if it is difficult to realize in this start.

21.25 GARY WOODLAND IS ADDED TO THE PARTY! The American finds the birdie at 15 and reaches the leading quartet!

21.24 Let's review the spectacular putt of Tiger Woods on the 14th that projected the American to the command!

21.22 Kizzire finds the birdie at 13 and returns to command! The situation at the moment sees four players in the lead with the score of -3: Harding (69), Woods (14), Rahm (14) and Kizzire (13).

21.18 McIlroy's exceptional approach to the 14, the second consecutive birdie for Northern Ireland could arrive

21.14 Nothing to do instead for Francesco Molinari who finds the par and remains -1 after the first seven holes

21.13 TIGER WOOOOOOOODS! WHAT A SHOW! Birdie on the 14th with a long-distance putt after finishing in the woods on the right, the American climbs to the top of the ranking in the company of Harding and Rahm!

21.11 MOLINARI! Splendid blue approach to 7, it takes a putt of about three and a half meters to go up to -2!

21.10 Tiger Woods is confirming the excellent moment of form and is currently a single stroke from the top of the standings. The American champion has won the Augusta Masters four times in his career, the last in 2005.

21.06 Good attempt by McIlroy that touches the eagles at 13 and closes with the birdie going up to +1

21.02 Molinari's tee shot is perfect in par 4 of 7, the blue splits the fairway in half and leaves an approach of 145 meters

21.00 Tiger Woods rises to -2! The American uses the same strategy as the Spanish and finds the birdie at 13 for the joy of the home crowd

20.58 RAHM! The Spaniard arrives in green with the second shot and signs the birdie at 13 which is the first position in the company of Harding!

20.56 Blurs another birdie opportunity for Molinari … the blue always at -1 after the first six holes.

20.54 Harding alone in command! Kizzire ends up in the plants on the left and closes with the bogey the 12 down to -2!

20.53 The American Rickie Fowler climbs up positions thanks to two birdies in succession on the 11th and 12th and goes to -1 on the day.

20.50 Slightly to the right of the auction is Francesco Molinari's tee shot on par 3 of 6! However, the blue has a very good chance of birdies with a putt of about six meters apparently flat.

20.46 Only Harding and Kizirre remain in the lead! Bjerregaard runs into a bogey at the 18th after finishing in bunker with the approach and down to -2, positive however the first lap of the young Danish.

20.42 Another good attempt by the blue who stops half a meter from the hole and gets another par remaining with the score -1 after the first five. Excellent start for the Turin player who is showing excellent solidity.

20.38 Molinari finds the green at 5 but remains rather short, it takes a perfect putt from over fifteen meters to find the birdie

8.36pm: Birdie grazed for Rory McIlroy at 12! The Northern Irishman is struggling for the moment in this first round (+2).

8.35pm: The Danish Lucas Bjerregaard is lucky, a recent protagonist at WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play and in the leading trio, who stays short with the tee shot at 18 and stops a moment before the two dangerous bunkers.

20.32: After closing the hole 4 as well, Molinari closes the tee shot too much on the par 4 of hole 5 and remains very far to the left of the fairway. Very complicated to find the auction from such a position …

20.28: A few images from the route, the usual magnificent public setting at the Augusta National Golf Club!

20.26: Good but not enough Molinari's birdie attempt at 4 which stops less than a meter from the hole.

20.25 The Argentine Angel Cabrera instead closed with a score of +10 a decidedly complicated lap on the tenth anniversary of his victory at the Augusta Masters.

20.24 In the meantime, Takumi Kanaya (A) from Japan completed the first lap in 73 shots, which can certainly be said to be satisfied with the result on such an important stage.

8.22 Patrick Reed signs an amazing eagle on the 13th and returns on par with the par! The defending champion wants to defend the green jacket

20.20 Slightly along Molinari's first shot, the blue will have a complicated downhill putt of about seven meters.

20.17 Spectacular birdie of the Spaniard John Ram at 11 from over ten meters! The Iberian rises to -2, a single stroke from the leading trio.

20.14: A lot of traffic right now on the course. Molinari is waiting for an insidious par 3 of about 220 meters on the tee of the 4th. It will take a great shot at blue to find the flag and treat yourself to an opportunity for birdies.

10.20pm: Let's review the wonderful approach with which the American Kizirre closed the second hole by signing the first eagle of the tournament.

08.20: The blue closes with two putts and keeps the -1 in the ranking. At the moment in third a trio composed of Justin Harding (69), Lucas Bjerregaard (15) and Patton Kizzire (9) with the score of -3.

04.20 pm: Molinari's approach to the 3 slightly escapes, a new approach from the edge of the green about eight meters from the hole

20.02: Meanwhile Harding runs into a bogey at the 18th and is forced to abandon the first solitary position. Very positive, however, the first round (-3) of the South African at the first participation of the career at the Masters

20.00: Great first shot by Molinari on par 4 of hole 3! The blue is located about thirty meters from the hole in the middle of the fairway

7.56pm: Bogey also for Li at hole 10: the Chinese drops to -1

19:54: Bernhard Langer's Bogey at the 6th hole: the German drops to -1

19.51: Too bad! No eagle for Molinari who still manages to make birdies and is at -1 after two holes

7.47 pm: Great second shot by Molinari who is approaching the flag and now he will try an incredible eagle for the 2 successful Kizzire today

7.46pm: Fleetwood's Bogey at 10, the British drops to -1

7.44pm: Raises the Harding rhythm that finds the birdie also at the 17th hole: the American flies lonely to the command with -4

7.42pm: Woods' birdies on hole 9: the American goes back to -1

7.42pm: Molinari behind the bunker after the tee of hole 2 (par 5)

7.40pm: Let's try to summarize the situation: Harding (hole 16), Kizzire (8) -3; Conners (18), Holmes (14), Bjerregaard (14), Howell III (13), Fleetwood (9), Woodland (9), Li (9), Na (6), Langer (5) -2

19.38: Two other protagonists are added to the "club" of -2: Howell III with the birdie at 13 and Na with the birdie at the 6th hole

19.37: Kizzire's Birdie at hole 8. The American reaches Harding at the top of the ranking at -3

19.37: Holmes par at 14: he too at -2

19.36: Kizzire's eagle on hole 2

19.34: Par for Molinari at hole 1

19.33: Par also for Woodland at hole 9. Stay at -2

19.32: Good putt for Molinari, who gets very close to the hole and therefore could start with a par

7.29pm: Par for Tiger Woods at 8: it stays on par

19.28: The putt of -4 Harding fails a little. He has to settle for par 16 and remains in command at -3

19.26: The group is enlarged to -2: Bjerregaard's birdie arrives at the 13th

19.25: for Molinari second shot to the right, just inside the green at 9 meters from the hole and with a slight slope uphill

19.24: Par of Woodland at 9: stays at -2

19.23: Li's Birdie at 8 and the Chinese back at -2

19.22: Four holes and -2 for Bernhard Langer: the class is not water!

19.20: Molinari in the fairway on the left with the tee shot of 1

19.19: Great Harding birdie who managed to find a couple of impossible shots on the 15th after he had gone over the rough with the tee! -3 for the US!

19.17: Party Francesco Molinari!

7.14pm: Par of Harding at the 14th hole: again -2 for the South African

19.12: Holmes' birdie on hole 13. The American reaches the other five opponents in the lead with -2

19.08: Disappointing first part of the course for McIlroy who, after seven holes, is at +1

07.19: Par for hole 8 also for Woodland who remains in the lead with -2

19.04: Par of Fleetwood at hole 8. The Brit remains at -2

19.03: Bogey closes for Conners chen fails to save the -3 and closes his today fatigue with a satisfactory anyway -2

19.02: Upcoming interesting starts: 19:05 the American Zach Johnson and Matt Kuchar who won the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play a few weeks ago, at 19:16 Molinari, with the Spanish Rafa Cabrera Bello and the Englishman Tyrrell Hatton, companion by Chicco in Ryder Cup and at 19:27 Bubba Watson, two-time winner of the Augusta Masters in 2012 and 2014

19:00. Par for Kizzire on hole 6. The American remains at -2

18.59: Par for Woods at hole 7. The US champion is still equal

6.56pm: Wise's Bogey to the 14. The young American is at -1, Harding is at -2 thanks to the par always at 14

6.55pm: Bad start for Olazabal which is +2 after the first 3 holes

18.54: Another par for the 17 for Conners who remains in command with -3 and goes to the assault of the last hole of the day

18.52: In less than half an hour Francesco Molinari's adventure begins, which will start at 7.16 pm

18.52: Par for hole 6 for Tiger Woods who remains even

18.51: Another par for Kizzire which remains at -2 after 5 holes

18.41: Bogey for Li at hole 6. Return to -1

6.40pm: Double birdie for the British Fleetwood, Molinari's companion in the Ryder Cup, and the American Woodland at the 6th hole (par 4): both are at -2

18.35: Par of Conners on hole 16: the Canadian remains in command with -3

18.34: Grace's Bogey at 10, continues the South African's swing which is now at -1

18.31: Bogey on the 5th hole also for Rahm which drops to -1 after a good start

6.30pm: Rickie Fowler, number 9 in the world, Sergio Garcia, winner of the 2017 Master, and Adam Scott, also former Augusta Master winner

18.29: Bogey for Woods at the 5 and therefore returns in even, while the title holder Patrick Reed is at +2 after 7 holes

18.28: For Wise and for Harding par at 12: -2

18.25: The Canadian Conners does not stop anymore, that after the double birdie he places an eagle at the hole 15 and rises to -3, the only tread at the moment!

18.18: Early start of English Danny Willett, winner of 2016: he is at +4 after 10 holes

18.16: Another birdie for Branden Grace in the 9th hole. The South African joins the five who lead the standings with -2

18.14 Par for Kizzire on hole 3: -2, also for Wise on hole 11 and -2 for him. They both hold the head of the provisional ranking

18.13: Good start of Kaymer (Germany) and Immelman (South Africa), both at -1 after two holes

18.12: Biography of Hoffman on hole 6. The American goes up to -1

18.08: Par for Harding at the 11th hole (par 4): the American remains in the lead with -2

18.08: Double par for Woods at 3 and 4: the American is at -1

18.07: Double birdies on the 13th and 14th for the Canadian Conners that faces in the group of -1

06.18: The birdie arrives at hole 4 for the Spanish Jon Rahm who reaches the leading quartet at -2

18.03: Recover a Matsuyama point which, after six holes, is at +2 after a disastrous start

18.02: The Augusta Master of Olazabal, former winner, is launched, and one of the myths, Bernhard Langer, a German protagonist in the 1980s and 1990s and early 2000s

18:00. Down to -1 Oosthuizen making bogey on hole 5 (closed in 5 shots)

17.58: A -1 there are Kanaya (9), Holmes (9), Grace (8), Bjerregaard (8), Stenson (7), Fleetwood (4), Shauffele (4), Woods (3), Rahm (3 ), Lyle (2), Kim (2)

5.56pm: Also the American Patton Kizzire is added to the club of -2 with a double birdie at the first two holes. What a departure!

5.55pm: Four at the moment at -2: Wise (hole 10), Harding (10), Oosthuizen (4), Li (3)

17.54: Sale in vetta anche Haotong Li con -2 grazie al doppio birdie alla 2 e alla 3

17.52: Il giovane esordiente statunitense Wise piazza il birdie alla buca 10 (par 4) e si insedia in testa alla classifica con -2

17.43: Dopo una partenza a razzo con due birdie alle prime due buche, arriva il bogey per Schauffele alla buca 3: -1

17.41: Par di Oosthuizen alla 4 chiusa in 3 colpi dal sudafricano che resta in testa con -2

17.40: Bogey di Tway alla 11 (par 4) e dunque pari per lo statunitense

17.37: Primo birdie di Tiger Woods: -1 alla buca 2

17.37: Par di Wise alla buca 9, lo statunitense resta a -1

17.36: Woods per il birdie alla 2, putt facile

17.35: par di Kanaya alla buca 8: resta a -1

17.34: Lungo il putt di Harding che dunque fallisce il birdie a buca 9 e resta a -2, sempre primo

17.30: Bogey per Grace alla buca 7. Impiega cinque colpi per imbucare e scende a -1

17.29: Xander Schauffele, americano e n10 del mondo, parte forte e piazza due birdie nelle prime due buche. -2 anche per lui

17.28: Sudafricani sugli scudi. Doppio birdie alla 2 e alla 3 per Oosthuizen che raggiunge al comando Harding e Grace a -2

17.25: Gran tee shot di Tiger Woods in buca due, par 5

17.22: Par di Tway alla buca 10, lo statunitense resta a -1

17.19: Male finora Matsuyama con 3 bogey nelle prime buche e +3

17.18: Grace chiude la buca 6 in due soli colpi e raggiunge Harding in testa alla classifica con -2

17.15: Par di Tiger Woods alla buca 1

17.05: Prima buca per Tiger Woods

17.00 Partirà tra meno di cinque minuti Tiger Woods, alla ricerca del quindicesimo trionfo in un Major.

16.58 Possibile giornata no per Matsuyama, altro bogey per lui.

16.52 Torna a -2 Kevin Tway: l’americano infila un birdie con putt piuttosto lungo alla buca 8, un par 4

16.50 Comincia a farsi vedere Henrik Stenson: lo svedese, vincitore di uno storico Open Championship nel 2016, riesce a infilare in buca un bel colpo da appena fuori dal green alla buca 3, realizzando il suo primo birdie di giornata

16.46 Qualche parola di Rickie Fowler, che vedremo impegnato più tardi e farà parte dell’ultimo gruppo con il nordirlandese Rory McIlroy e l’australiano Cameron Smith

16.43 Disastro di Bjerregaard alla buca 4: finisce in bunker con il secondo colpo e di lì inanella vari errori, per lui c’è un doppio bogey che lo riporta pari con il par nel complesso.

16.39 Birdie a distanza temporale estremamente ravvicinata per il sudafricano Justin Harding e l’argentino Emiliano Grillo, che alle buche 6 e 4 si collocano al primo posto assieme al danese Lucas Bjerregaard con un complessivo score di -2

16.36 Tiger Woods sul campo pratica

16.34 Comincia male il torneo del giapponese Hideki Matsuyama, con un bogey alla 1 causato in gran parte dall’esser finito nel bunker di destra con il tee shot.

16.31 Per tre che cedono un colpo, uno che a -2 ci arriva: il danese Lucas Bjerregaard va in testa con birdie alla 2 (dove ha rischiato anche l’eagle da oltre 14 metri) e alla 3.

16.29 Uscita non proprio irreprensibile di Tway dal bunker, va a finire oltre l’altra parte del green. Qualcosa dice che non riuscirà a restare in par con il quarto colpo…

16.28 Rimane corto il putt di Harding alla buca 5, Kevin Tway resta da solo in testa nel momento in cui finisce nel bunker a destra del green della 7

16.24 Parte pari con il par Sergio Garcia alla prima buca

16.21 Bogey di Kanaya alla 4, che non aveva affrontato particolarmente bene. Restano al comando Tway e Harding

16.19 E’ partito dieci minuti fa Adam Scott, l’australiano vincitore nel 2013. Le partenze riprenderanno alle 16.31 con Patrick Reed, il trionfatore di un anno fa.

16.16 Tway si riprende il maltolto, tornando a -2 con un gran tee shot sul par 3 della 6 e successivo putt da meno di due metri

16.11 Francesco Molinari, non dimentichiamolo, sarà di scena dalle 19:16.

16.08 Perde un colpo Tway sul complicato lungo par 4 della 5 (il cui nome alternativo è Magnolia). Sarà un momento difficile per tanti.

16.06 Tra un paio d’ore sarà sul percorso Tiger Woods, che pochi giorni fa ha dichiarato di volere il quindicesimo Major della carriera.

16.04 Partito da pochissimo anche Sergio Garcia, che due anni fa ha vinto proprio ad Augusta il suo primo, meritato Major, al termine di vent’anni di rincorsa.

16.02 Sempre al comando il trio Tway-Harding-Hanaya, dagli Stati Uniti al Giappone passando per il Sudafrica

15.57 59 anni e non sentirli: numero clamoroso di Fred Couples alla 2, con birdie praticamente assicurato visto che, da posizione molto lontana, ha trovato un approccio col terzo colpo con palla a un metro dalla bandiera.

15.54 C’è sul percorso Charl Schwartzel: il sudafricano ha vinto nel 2011 e accompagna l’americano Charles Howell III e l’esordiente (al Masters) inglese Eddie Pepperell

15.49 -2 anche per Harding, mentre Snedeker manca clamorosamente l’occasione di arrivarci, chiudendo in par la 2.

15.47 Sale a -2 anche Tway, che ha scavalcato il bunker posto dietro al green del par 3 alla 4 e poi ha concluso con un bel putt dritto da quattro metri e mezzo

15.46 Birdie per Kanaya, e così l’amateur giapponese si porta in testa da solo per qualche momento.

15.44 Snedeker e Kanaya vanno entrambi molto, molto vicini alla bandiera del Pink Dogwood: possibilità di -2 in vista

15.41 Birdie anche di J. B. Holmes alla 1, mentre Snedeker si fa aggressivo alla 2, dove è riuscito ad arrivare a bordo green con il secondo colpo. Se andrà tutto bene per lui, avrà un comodo approccio per poi effettuare il putt da distanza ravvicinata

15.38 Tra quattro ore partirà Dustin Johnson, che ha assai recentemente perso il primo posto mondiale a vantaggio di Justin Rose

15.36 Situazione attuale: Tway, Harding, Snedeker e Kanaya a -1 (Tway sta iniziando la 4, gli altri sono alla 2), Long, Woosnam, Mitchell, O’Connell e Willett pari con il par, Landry, Coners, Weir, Lowry, Cabrera e Wise a +1.

15.34 Pronto all’esordio anche il danese Lucas Bjerregaard, recentemente quarto al WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play in cui ha battuto Tiger Woods e, nella finale per il terzo posto, è stato sconfitto da Francesco Molinari. Nello scorso ottobre ha vinto l’Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scozia.

15.29 Mentre anche l’americano Brandt Snedeker trova il birdie alla 1, torniamo un attimo su Kanaya (il cui terzo colpo alla buca d’apertura è stato notevole, da più di otto metri): vent’anni, ha guadagnato il diritto di giocare ad Augusta vincendo l’Asia-Pacific Amateur.

15.26 Altro birdie alla buca 1, e stavolta è dell’amateur giapponese Takumi Kanaya, sesto nell’apposito ranking mondiale e ad oggi collocato al numero 577 della classifica globale che ricomprende anche tutti i pro.

15.24 Sta per prendere il via il sesto gruppo, con al suo interno Fred Couples, che all’età di 59 anni e con alle spalle la vittoria del 1991 e il podio in tutti i Major (tra cui quello inatteso all’Open Championship del 2005) continua ad avere il piacere di affrontare il percorso di Augusta.

15.20 Birdie anche per il sudafricano Justin Harding, al debutto nel Masters a 33 anni. Come inizio si direbbe che non c’è male!

15.18 E il primo birdie di giornata arriva! Kevin Tway manda in buca il putt cortissimo, da meno di due metri, alla buca 2 e si porta temporaneamente al comando da solo.

15.16 Sul percorso anche Danny Willett, trionfatore ad Augusta nel 2016

15.14 Forse stiamo per assistere al primo birdie, perché Kevin Tway sta affrontando molto bene la 2 e con il terzo colpo è arrivato a meno di due metri dalla buca, dopo aver già piazzato il secondo vicinissimo al green (e appena prima del bunker di sinistra).

15.11 Per chi non fosse pienamente dentro le dinamiche del golf, ricordiamo che questo torneo si gioca con la formula dello stroke play, cioè legata a chi completa il percorso in meno colpi.

15.09 Va anche detto che Conners ha avuto una bella opportunità di birdie, avendo sprecato un putt da circa due metri che glielo avrebbe meritatamente regalato.

15.07 Ancora nessun birdie in queste primissime fasi, mentre Landry e Conners finiscono in par la 2 e Long cade vittima di un altro bogey, la strada è subito in salita per lui.

15.03 A 10 anni dalla sua vittoria, l’argentino Angel Cabrera si ripresenta sul tee shot della 1.

15.02 Ricordiamo anche che i nomi delle buche hanno dei soprannomi, spesso a tematica naturale. La prima buca, così, è denominata Tea Olive, la seconda Pink Dogwood.

14.57 Conners trova il bunker di destra alla buca 2, dovendo dunque disimpegnarsi con un layup quando, poco prima, Landry ha trovato un eccellente colpo vicino al green dal fairway vicino al citato bunker.

14.54 Comincia anche il torneo di Shane Lowry. L’irlandese non ha mai vinto un Major, e al Masters non ha mai brillato, ottenendo al massimo un 36° posto nel 2016.

14.50 Kevin Tway, col suo tee shot alla 1, centra in pieno un albero, ma è fortunato a veder scivolare la palla in un rough non difficile, e così riesce a trovare un gran secondo colpo che lo porta in green.

14.47 Bogey anche per Landry, e dunque Conners, con il par, è il primo leader solitario di quest’edizione.

14.46 Appena corto il putt di Conners, al quale non riesce il birdie

14.45 Bogey di Long alla 1, è il primo del torneo con un putt lungo finito largo a sinistra

14.43 Partito anche il gruppo con il gallese Ian Woosnam, che vinse il Masters nel 1991

14.40 Dei tre partiti finora Conners è quello messo meglio, dopo aver trovato direttamente dal bunker di destra della 1 un approccio alla bandiera niente male, a una decina di metri.

14.37 Nel caso non li aveste riconosciuti, quelli che hanno dato il via al torneo sono due grandissimi: Jack Nicklaus, riconosciuto come il miglior golfista di tutti i tempi, e Gary Player, tre volte vincitore ad Augusta e nove nel complesso dei Major.

14.35 La cerimonia del primo tee shot simbolico, una tradizione ad Augusta. Con un pizzico di leggenda al suo interno.

14.30 Comincia con Andrew Landry, Adam Long e Corey Conners, due americani e un canadese, il Masters 2019!

14.25 Detentore della Green Jacket è Patrick Reed, che dopo il successo di un anno fa non è però riuscito a esprimersi con la stessa costanza lungo l’anno, in cui ha raggiunto il podio soltanto a Dubai, nell’evento conclusivo dell’European Tour 2018.

14.20 Sarà un lunghissimo giorno di golf, quello che andremo a raccontare, con Francesco Molinari che partirà per il suo giro qualche minuto dopo le 19. Sono presenti numerosissimi campioni sia del Masters che di altri Major, e naturalmente il più titolato è Tiger Woods. I più accreditati, nel field, sono però altri, sebbene non vi siano gerarchie nette.

14.15 Buon pomeriggio a tutti e benvenuti alla DIRETTA LIVE della prima giornata dell’edizione 2019 del Masters di Augusta.

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