Brown bread - a thriller about right-wing populists in Rostock

Brown bread - a thriller about right-wing populists in Rostock

3 out of 5 points A far-reaching detective thriller about the seductive power of right-wing populism – which ultimately suffers too many clichés. What’s the matter? Sylvia Schulte, the hopefuls of the right-wing populist “Party for Freedom and Security” (PFS) is found dead, she has been burnt alive. Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Alexander Bukow (Charly Hübner) from the LKA
Rostock First suspect the personal assistant to the politician: The dead should have had a relationship with the Syrian Karim Labaneh (Atheer nobility). Or is the culprit in Schultes past to search – the time when she still with right-wing extremist camaraderie surrounded? The investigators dive deep into the right-wing scene of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Why is this “Police Call 110” worthwhile? For long stretches, this film succeeds in making the fascination of right-wing populist parties clear, without shouldering the same with its raised index finger. Emblematically this happens in a conversation between the moralizing
king and the internally torn Bukov: He sees the causes for the success of right-wing ideas in the retreat of the state – and compares this with bread-making: “If you take care of it, the bread will not turn brown, but if you do not care, then a bread will turn brown, and then it will be dark brown.” Look around here, there are no more crèches, no kindergartens, no schools People are on their own, if nobody cares from above, then you run after the one with the biggest mouth, no matter what color he wears. ” Another dialogue unfolds between King and the PFS party leader Roland Herlau (Michael Wittenborn). She accuses her of playing only with the fears of his constituents. The right-wing populist waits calmly until the official finishes her tirade. And then replies: “Listen, understand, see you again, Mrs. King.” The recipe for success in two words – better you can not summarize it. What annoys? The right-populist PFS shown here is only slightly recognizable as AfD. But is not it going too far when a toll-financed crime thriller settles with a party represented in the Bundestag? Should not that be reserved for political journalism? Especially since this argument always gets clichéd: Similar to the broadcast last December “crime scene” episode “Dark Time” with Wotan Wilke Möhring it is not enough in this thriller that the politicians represent a sometimes inhumane ideology – they must also dirt at the plug. Even the dumbest spectator should understand the message: right-wing populists are actually criminal. If it were that easy … The commissioners? Katrin King and
Alexander Bukov The disciplinary process is imminent: King has attacked a man who wanted to rape her. Bukov has covered it by his statement. Because Katrin König is too morally, she ultimately told the truth – now her colleague hangs in there because of false testimony. And is terribly angry. What the cooperation of the two sensitive burdened. On or off? Before football takes over the scepter on television, you can still spend a thriller night. Bukov and King are always worth switching on.

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