Browny 24 hr Wash & Dry, a convenience store, a low-cost premium style, a new dimension of convenience stores, 24 hours washing

Browny 24hr Wash & Dry. Convenient business, the best value for money washing. Open new experiences for investors and service users by Browny. Make your laundry no longer boring by doing branding through the cartoon character Browny, the cute Shiba dog. Ready to take care of the cleanliness as a family member for all Thai people through the convenience store To make “clean” stories “fun”

Browny uses a Tony + Patrick washing machine and dryer, a premium European design. The machine is made of genuine stainless material, durable, more than 10 years service life, with a 7-year industrial-grade motor warranty, easy-to-use touch screen, customers are addicted to washing with Bubble Eco Technology to increase the efficiency of the detergent. Save water used for washing per time More environmental protection In addition, we have a team of experienced engineers and maintenance technicians to keep the machines ready for use. With TP + On-site Service to the place within 48 hours, Browny convenience stores also use the IOT system to control the shop via smartphones such as lighting control. Order to turn off-turn on the machine Allowing the owner to take care of the store even far away

Browny 24hr Wash & Dry is the only one that starts with a price of only 30 baht, offering a laundry capacity of up to 16 kg, adding to the next level of cleaning with innovative washing with UV light, capacity 16 and 22 kg, starting at just 40. Worth baht to meet the needs of users in the New Normal era, also preparing to launch a new service “Browny Just Drop” Pick-up at Provide comfort It is also another way to increase the income of the franchise. It reduces the payback period and increases profits in the long term.

In 2020, Browny was able to expand to more than 20 franchises, a huge leap in growth. Ready to be number 1 in the minds of investors and users. And prepare to meet with new branches in Hat Yai and Ubon Ratchathani With the next goal, Browny will expand the franchise to cover all over the country. For those interested in the franchise business Investment budget starts at 1.49 million baht.

For more information about franchise business and service, please contact Browny 24hour Wash & Dry, phone 09-1836-6579, 08-0262-6199, 08-8001-1436 Website: Line: @browny Facebook: Browny WASH & DRY



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