Bruce Lee was not killed by goons!! New discovery

The cause of death of action superstar Bruce Lee, who has many fans, is out. Bruce Lee’s sudden death was at a time when he was a shining star in the world cinema. There are many stories about the death of this legendary actor who passed away at the age of 32.

The new discovery is that drinking too much water took Bruce Lee’s life. An article published in the journal Clinical Kidney states that hyponatremia was the cause of brain swelling that led to Bruce Lee’s death. According to the researchers, hyponatremia occurs when the body’s sodium levels drop as a result of drinking too much water. It can also cause swelling in the brain.

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Lee’s kidneys were unable to control the excess water entering his body. According to the study report, the use of cannabis also caused Lee’s thirst to increase.

Bruce Lee was found dead under mysterious circumstances on July 20, 1973. Lee had been using marijuana on the day he died. He was found unconscious in his room at 9.30 and could not be saved if he was rushed to the hospital. After that, there were many stories like that it was killed by Chinese thugs and not heat stroke.