Brundle: “We saw Verstappen’s aggressiveness in Singapore”

Verstappen’s race at the Marina Bay Circuit was far from ‘smooth’ in the first race weekend where he could mathematically secure the 2022 season title.

After failing to complete as many laps as he wanted with RB18 tuning changes in practice on Friday, Verstappen had to give up his fast lap twice in Q3, when he was ready to at least fight for pole position in qualifying.

The second and final cancellation call from Red Bull caused Verstappen to engage in a heated argument with the team over the radio.

They were apparently worried that if he finished the lap there might not be enough fuel left to set an example for the FIA. This could have resulted in disqualification from qualifying.

Former F1 driver Brundle described this current version of Max in the 2022 season as ‘Max Verstappen 2.0’, and said that this version is still quite angry.

In his column for Sky Sports, Brundle said, “Max Verstappen should have been on pole, but for most of the last 12 minutes of the Q3 session he had to fail a lap and had to give up pole and return to the garage with enough fuel.”

“Behind a calm and serene Max 2.0 version, there is still a very angry person. But looking at the team’s dominance this year, I can understand a possible pole position and the nervousness of losing the win.” Wrote.