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Bruno Genesio, in Lyon child

His monotone voice, devoid of acrimony, could pass hands down to the detector of lies. In the rest room of the Olympique Lyonnais (OL) players in Décines (Rhone), Bruno Genesio evokes for a long time, inhabited and serene, his priesthood which earns him so much sarcasm. Appointed on December 24, 2015, a month from the entry of the club in his new stadium that the whole city had been waiting for ten years, coach Rhone illico is a subject of controversy. The pants would be too big for him. The press had hinted that the successor to Hubert Fournier, the previous coach, could be a big gun, come from the other side of the Alps. Instead, the supporters of Lyon had to deal with a gone VIIe borough. A way of original sin, a process of illegitimacy that goes on forever. Despite convincing results and a game licked, some local fans will retain only the almost pathological irregularity of their team. And despite a qualification for the Champions League last May, a banner summarizes the state of mind of the most virulent: "Bruno, your love for OL honors but it is time to turn the page" .

Bruno Genesio comes from a distance. From Mammola, in Calabria, exactly, to more than 80 terminals of Reggio, on the tip of the Boot. After the Second World War, his grandparents traveled all over Italy on foot to settle in Lyon to earn a living. They carry with them Salvatore, Bruno's father, 2 ½ years old. "Abandoned, my grandfather was raised by the Italian Ddass. He was given the Genesio family name. I like Italian cuisine, football culture, country, language, even if I do not speak it. For the sake of integration, my grandparents refused to speak in front of us ", He book. As a child, he grew up in the United States, which marks the border between Lyon and Venissieux and also houses Raymond Domenech. His father works in the building ("Like any good Italian of the time") before setting up his box, that his brother François will resume, while his mother works as a secretary of management in a tiling company. At the age of 5, he is registered at OL, and he works well at school. "I had a very serious childhood. I was a good student, I did not go out and I went pro, he wonders again. At the Lyon training center, Genesio will make friends for life. Two have gone pro (Remi Garde and Christophe Breton), two others have converted advantageously. The members of the club of the five are seen since then three, four times a year with an obligatory passage, like a pact teenage, a gargantuan food at the Halles de Lyon, at Christmas time. They remake the world and remember their tumultuous youth, now that they unwound from the cable. "It is a little quieter, it's the function that wants that, details Stéphane Martin, a friend of the young OL years. He has a slightly smooth image, but with us he drops the mask. It's a pure gone, he has his outspokenness. " "Rémi [Garde] has been touting its merits for a long time and today everyone seems to be discovering it. He listens to others, empathic, that's why his players love him ", Gerard Benoît, lawyer.

His Lyon accent, including nasal distortion, punctuates the conversation. Bruno Genesio dreams of an apartment in the Place des Jacobins, on the peninsula, next to the theater of Célestins where he goes regularly, more for the atmosphere and the live performance than for the repertoire. "It lives, it's a beautiful place, there is friendliness. It looks like what we do, the actors play without a net. It's also one of the few places with fishing where I forget football.He assures, however, that his monomaniac passion ("He is obsessive, like all successful coaches," promises Gerard Houllier, ex-OL mahout) does not consume it from the inside. On the contrary. "It's a stressful job, but we're aging less quickly because we are in contact with young people," he says. We have to adapt, live with them, understand them. We pick up physically but we rejuvenate in the head. "

Separated twice, he has a daughter (21, law student) and a boy (15, in second) who allow him to stay in phase with his players who are thirty years younger than him. "We never disconnect. My children feel it. "You're here but you're not here" is my son's favorite remark. " Black tracksuit, Beatles cut that turns to gray, Bruno Genesio has a beard of a week that pencils his face and dark circles that do not go to the wash. A Balzacian figure, he would have more of Cousin Pons than Eugene de Rastignac. Young pro, he lost a few years in the nights of Lyon, which has altered his career. "I got a little lost because of personal discomfort. Real friends put me in the real world. It's important to have experienced things that should not have been done to better convey what needs to be done, philosopher there. He assures that this experience served him to help troubled players. "He was the first to have the license and to walk around. The first to go pro, to share his match bonuses and to water us. Teen, we were leaders in excess. There he is no longer in restraint. He likes people but he knows how to make strong choices, paying and managing the ego ", says Breton, a friend of years of training. His friends reproach him for not putting himself forward enough, he is reluctant to play a character. Last week, Team estimated his salary at 100,000 gross monthly euros (42,350 after tax), which places him at 9e place in Ligue 1, while OL plays the podium every year …

Politically, one would place him on the left even if he refuses to say for whom he votes. He is more talkative about yellow vests. "I find it legitimate that people who work are angry because mid-month they find themselves unable to eat or enjoy life. I will not say that I put myself in their place, it would be demago. After that, I can not stand the violence, and this atmosphere in which we demand the resignation of the President who was elected. " In his own way, Genesio does not know his future. His contract ends in June, and one would bet on a prolongation to the despair of his critics. As in Marseille, it is difficult for a Lyonnais to be a prophet between Rhône and Saone. "All that is said, it is reported to him, is his city, the fact of a few. He has a carapace but his children … " Martin ensures. In the meantime, he has finally taken an influential agent to better negotiate his future contract, in Lyon or elsewhere. On a lot like at the bottom of a payslip, the numbers always decrypt the story.

1966 Birth in Lyon 1985 Professional Olympique Lyonnais (OL) 1995 Leave OL Summer 2006 Back in the OL staff February 19, 2019 OL-Barça (8e final of the Champions League).

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