Bruno Padovani, who died after saving 4 children who were about to drown | Gramellini’s Coffee

He had written to Draghi to criticize the decision to send weapons to the Ukrainians, “lives are not saved by killing others”, without knowing that shortly thereafter he would save four lives by killing one: his own.

There was a time, now difficult even to imagine, when many in Italy were involved in politics out of passion. They did not follow a leader, but an ideal: freedom, socialism, popular Catholicism. In the case of Bruno Padovani, switchboard operator at a hospital in the province of Verona and a former councilor, this ideal was communism.

He did not deny him when the PCI retired and not even when he retired: at 82 he was still writing pacifist letters to the government. Everyone in the town called him “Comrade Bruno”even the leaguers and without any irony.

Last Monday he was at the seaside with his daughtera strong wind blew and on the beach waved his favorite flag, the red one.

Four children ran into the water the same. When they started screaming for help, Comrade Bruno threw himself into the waves, regardless of the weight of the waves and that of the years.

With other bathers he brought the children to safety. Then he lay down on the shore, as if to catch his breath. He left like this, the way everyone would like to go: with a gesture of altruism that sums up the best of a biography.

Politics was once made by people of this mold. It’s not a fairytale, guys. Comrade Bruno is proof that that time really existed.

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