Bruno The Mayor reveals his priorities to paris-Bercy

Bruno The Mayor reveals his priorities to paris-Bercy

franco-German Cooperation, public finances, the role of the State in the economy. In an interview to be published Saturday, June 24, in Le Figaro, Bruno Le Maire, the minister of the economy, reveals his priorities.

” We want to move forward very quickly on the fiscal convergence of Germany and of France, ” he says. in Our goal is to achieve a fast convergence of the corporate tax. “

The president of france, Emmanuel Macron, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, will make proposals in this regard at the council of franco-German ministers on 13 July, stated the minister, who sees in the strengthening of the euro zone as a means to protect ” our economies in the face of the power of China and the United States “.


  • Iron below the 3 % public deficit

Referring to the economic program of Emmanuel Macron, Bruno Le Maire predicted ” the difficult decisions to return to below 3 % public deficit “, in accordance with the commitments taken by France vis-à-vis the european Union. the ” I don’t make 3 % a totem, but a symbol : that of the credibility found among our european partners “, ” he says, without giving more details. the ” The previous government has not budgeted expenditures virtually certain, as the recapitalization of Areva, and let out the expenditure since the beginning of the year “, adds Bruno Le Maire.


  • Transfer of interests of the State

The minister of economy announced that the State plans to release capital from businesses that are not strategic in which he was a shareholder, preserving the ” activities on which depends our national sovereignty “, such as electricity, nuclear, defence. the ” We will engage in a plan of disposal of certain interests of the State. Why be a shareholder in companies that are not strategic ? This immobilizes unnecessarily public money “, it argues.


  • CSG, and CICE

In terms of taxation, the minister of the economy said assuming the projected increase of 1.7 percentage points of the generalized social contribution, already contested by the opposition.

he also said He want to ” open ” discussions with entrepreneurs “ before transforming the tax credit for competitiveness and employment (CICE) in lower contributions to companies. Which means, according to Le Figaro, that this measure should not enter into force, as planned, at the beginning of 2018.

” This transformation will be, ensures Bruno Le maire. the It is essential to gain in simplicity for enterprises, in particular SMES. But first, I want to open discussions with the contractors to study the best means of achieving it. “

The prime minister, Edouard Philippe, pronounced July 4, the national Assembly’s general policy speech in which he will explain the program on which the president, Emmanuel Macron, was elected on 7 may.

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