Bruno Vanden Broecke brings people with burnout and people with…

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Five people with a burnout who start a project with people with disabilities, that is the approach of a new VTM program that is currently in the making. Actor Bruno Vanden Broecke (47) will be the face.

Tom de Leur as Benjamin Praet

“Can taking a step back also mean a step forward?” VTM will soon be launching a new experiment on that basis. “Five people with burnout, a large part of whom were effectively at home at the start, are starting a new project together with unexpected colleagues. Those colleagues are people with a disability – or rather, people with special qualities – who work in a day job and on a care farm,” the channel said.

The program is spread over six months, with everything happening at the pace of those involved. Although VTM prefers to keep the concrete interpretation a bit cryptic for the time being: “They are not going to live together, but help each other. In this way they learn from each other’s talents and from their attitude to life and work. In order to achieve something very new together.”

The recordings are currently in full swing, so the broadcast date has not yet been announced. What is certain is that actor Bruno Vanden Broecke (The island, Safety first, The gang of Jan de Lichte) becomes the signboard.

Socially relevant

VTM thus continues to focus on programs with some social or societal barbs. There was already Cupid or something, in which people with disabilities were matched for a date. Not only is a second season on the way, the first series also turned out to be a success: no fewer than five of the eight couples stayed together.

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Also in the pipeline is I want a child, whose call delivery has meanwhile been broadcast. With this, the channel wants to consciously draw attention to co-parenting, although opinions about this initiative differ considerably to say the least: “taboo-breaking”, according to some, “beyond good taste”, according to others.