Brush Bro, NIU Gova 03 Electric Motorcycle Loans Starting From IDR 700 Thousands

MOTOR – Brush bro, down payment and installments for NIU Gova 03 electric motorcycle loans starting from IDR 700 thousand per month.

The Gova 03 is the entry level model of the NIU electric motor.

This electric motor is designed for mobility needs in the city with its slim shape, and equipped with a 2,700 Watt battery capacity.

With this battery capacity, the NIU Gova 03 can cover a distance of 70 to 80 km, and a maximum speed of 60 km / h when fully charged.

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For charging the battery, NIU Gova 03 takes 6.5 hours when the battery condition is 0 to 100 percent.

This motorbike can also be purchased on credit.

Abram Mahali, Brand Executive-Operational of PT Utomo International (Utomocorp) as the NIU Brand Holder Agent (APM) in Indonesia, said the NIU Gova 03 is priced at Rp. 23,815 million On The Road (OTR) DKI Jakarta.

He explained that for NIU Gova 03 financing is available from Mega Finance, for consumers who want to buy on credit.



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