Brussels Airlines unions threaten further action “in the near future”

While other airlines such as Lufthansa, Swiss, KLM and Air France, which are themselves facing staff shortages, are solving this problem by canceling flights, Brussels Airlines is only willing to consider this possibility for the month. of August, without giving any guarantee, still castigates the representative of Setca/BBTK. The pilots and cabin crew of Brussels Airlines went on strike last week, from Thursday to Saturday. A total of 316 flights had to be canceled due to the strike, which affected some 40,000 passengers.

On the sidelines of this action, the workers’ representatives had sent an open letter to the boss of the company, the German Peter Gerber, asking him for an interview as soon as possible. The latter is therefore only willing to meet them from August 22, fulminate the three unions. “A CEO who does not take the time to listen to the needs of his staff is not worthy of the name”, they assert. “We note that after a year of negotiations, playful actions and a total of four days of strike action, the management of Brussels Airlines persists in its anger and refuses to do anything about the working conditions of its employees, thus endangering the safety of its passengers”, conclude the trade unions. “For all these reasons, we cannot guarantee social peace in the near future.”