Brutal wave of assaults, three dead and hostages – Brazil

The assaults occurred in the early hours of Monday (photo: ANSA)

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(ANSA) – BRASILIA, AUG 30 – Dozens of men armed with rifles and carrying explosives simultaneously assaulted banks in a city in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil, where they tied hostages to the vehicles in which they fled, in a brutal operation that left at least three dead.
There were also four injured. One of them suffered amputations, while two suspects were arrested.
The assaults occurred at dawn this Monday at branches of Bando do Brasil and Caixa Económica, both state-owned, when the attackers took several hostages in the vehicles in which they fled in Aracatuba.
The city of about 200,000 inhabitants is just over 500 km from São Paulo, the state capital, located in the southeast of the country.
The dead are a 34-year-old motor-courier, a 38-year-old businessman and a member of the gang of assailants, the authorities reported in a press conference offered today at noon and in which General Joao Camilo Pires, security secretary of the São Paulo government.
Videos circulated on social media where two armed thugs walk with four hostages, shouting that whoever leaves their homes will be shot.
In other videos, people are seen tied to the roofs and bonnets to prevent the actions of the police.
The robbers carried assault rifles and apparently had inside information that allowed them to act more effectively, leaving the city where they scattered some 20 explosives in addition to parking cars at key points.
The band reportedly had a drone that allowed them to visualize the movement at local police posts.
The assaults occurred on banks in the downtown area of ​​the city in front of the Rui Barbosa Square.
The Santa Casa de Misericordia hospital reported that four wounded men between 25 and 38 years of age were admitted.
A man on the street suffered amputations in his lower limbs when approaching an explosive.
Another explosive injured a cyclist on whose state of health no details were reported.
About 400 police officers, along with members of the Special Operations Command and the Special Tactical Actions Group, carried out an operation in Aracatuba and its surroundings in the morning, with the support of a helicopter, to find the robbers, the spokesperson reported. of the Militarized Police, Captain Alexandre Guedes.
“Now our main concern is with the explosives left in the city. We are doing a rake, two explosives have already been deactivated,” said Captain Guedes.
A climate of apprehension was observed among the residents of Aracatuba, where fewer people circulated than usual on a business day, and whose mayor’s office determined the suspension of school activities.
“We are living through a morning of terror, I ask the population not to leave home, or open shops, or urban transport because there are explosives,” recommended the mayor, Dilares Borges.
The modus operandi and the type of weapons used by the criminals is similar to that of other groups that carried out robberies in cities in the southeast and south of the country in recent months. General Pires reported that the investigations will have the participation of the Federal Police, since the banks attacked belong to the national state. (ANSA).

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