BTS fell on Tuesday night with Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show.

Image: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After BTS sold off its first US stadium show in a few minutes in August, she showed Jimmy Fallon how hot they are.

The Korean boys band stole The Tonight Show on Tuesday evening, where they came to perform and talk about their casual appearance at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.

After talking to important diplomats about their anti-violence campaign "Love Myself," the band has targeted the Grammys.

"We can dream," RM told Fallon in an interview.

BTS are also damn good dancers who fight Fallon with a whole range of dance moves that have become popular through him Fortnite,

While Fallon is not a slow movers, he definitely can not keep up with the pros.

Oh, and what is a BTS performance without performance? The band produced "I'm Fine" and "Idol" to shorten the show.

Some called it the band's best TV appearance in the US so far.

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