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After the triumph of BTS At the latest American Music Awards ceremony, ARMY enjoyed every moment, especially for Jin, a singer who is just turning 30, the age limit for entering the mandatory military service in South Korea.

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On November 21, the singer and the K-Pop group arrived on the red carpet at the 2021 AMAs amid a great reception from their followers. The BTS member took the opportunity to greet his fans who were present.

At the start of the American Music Awards, Jin and the rest of BTS were not found at the Microsoft Theater. What happened? The South Korean group was rehearsing with Coldplay for their live performance of “My Universe.”

After their presentation, BTS was consecrated with awards in all the categories in which they were nominated, including “Artist of the year.” The happiness of the group was immediate when giving their final speech, which could be the last before Jin enters the military service after using the so-called “BTS Law”.

Jin and his military service

Kim Seokjin, Jim’s real name, was born on December 4, 1992. About to turn 30, the K-Pop idol is on the brink of entering his country’s mandatory military service. Male citizens over the age of 28 must regularly enlist up to that age; However, the members of BTS are beneficiaries of an exceptional measure that allows them to postpone military service until they are 30 years old.

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What is BTS law?

This was the name of a reform that allowed idols to postpone their entry into the service. This law determines that those who put up South Korea, do not do compulsory military service until they are 30 years old. Currently, to avoid military service, it is necessary to be a winning athlete in Olympic Games or ASIAN tournaments, while in music the benefit is given to classical interpreters who have been first places in an international art competition.


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