Bucket without import – Autoreview

We rarely talk about special construction equipment, but this case is special: the Tver Excavator Plant presented a model without imported components. True, it originally comes from the nineties …

In the market for trucks and special equipment – ambiguity and anxiety. The leading plants of our automotive industry were in full swing, and none of them were present at the recent CTT construction exhibition. But Chinese dealers rolled out entire lines of dump trucks!

Chinese models at CTT

It is not surprising that I went to the presentation of the excavator in Tver armed not only with a camera, but also with professional skepticism. Now there will certainly be solemn speeches, beautiful slides-graphics. And then, in a behind-the-scenes conversation, something like: “For the time being, we are putting Bosch-Cummins-ZF from stocks, but we are looking for Chinese counterparts.”

However, everything turned out differently. So, the TVEKS plant, founded back in 1943, two years ago became part of the United Machine-Building Group (OMG), which now owns, among other things, the Ural Automobile Plant and half of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

Range of models of the TVEKS plant

At that time, a joint venture with the world famous company Terex operated in Tver, and the share of imported components was large: engines, axles, transmissions, hydraulics. However, the plant continued to produce its components, but their share in the range was constantly decreasing.

Backhoe loaders TVEKS

Now, when Terex is gone, and European and American units are not available, TVEX went the obvious way – they dusted off the old documentation, updated the technological equipment and prepared “new-old” models for release. These are the EK-14 and EK-18 wheeled excavators, the production of which began back in the nineties – they turned into the E145W and E185W, weighing 13.6 and 17 tons, respectively.

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