The Budapesters of 7e district will tell you: chandeliers they had not spent such peaceful nights! Leading the festival destinations for several years, the old Jewish quarter, in the center of the capital, gradually emptied in early March 2020. The effect of the Covid-19. The same unusual calm reigns on the Danube, where a cruise ship is no longer at risk, and in the thermal baths that keep the door closed.

But the Hungarian government intends to continue to take advantage of the “golden age” experienced by tourism in recent years and which it aims to increase from 10% to 16% of GDP by 2022. The Budapest tourist office is impatiently awaiting the return of foreign tourists and kicking them down in a video entitled Budapest is languishing, showing a dancer in his emblematic places … but deserts.

The recovery from this summer? Zoltán Guller, director of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, wants to believe it. According to him, security will now be the number one criterion for international customers and Hungary has a good card to play since it has – until now – been little affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Masks for waiters, disinfectant on all floors, possibility of last minute cancellation, hotel establishments must be ready. And on the beaches of Lake Balaton, very popular with the Germans, the Hungarians may imitate the Italians who have deckchairs at a good distance from each other.

On the other hand, if aficionados make reason, they will have to put a cross on the famous Sziget Festival, which brings together each year in August tens of thousands of Europeans, including many young Bretons, on the ” Liberty Island “. To the dismay of those who would like to see more rational tourism emerge, as soon as the crisis has passed, everything seems to be in place to start again. But before that, it will be necessary to reopen the borders which were closed in mid-March. No date has yet been advanced.


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