Budget of Pôle emploi : Bassères provides for negotiations ” tight “

Budget of Pôle emploi : Bassères provides for negotiations ” tight “


Proposed by the government for a third term at the head of Pole emploi, Jean Bassères was interviewed Wednesday morning by the committee on social Affairs of the national Assembly who has given a favourable opinion. The director general of the public operator has, on this occasion, raised the issue of its budget.

This is currently being co-financed to a third by the State and two thirds by the social partners through a puncture of 10 % on contributions to unemployment insurance under an agreement between the Pôle emploi, the government and the Unedic, which must be renewed next year.

” grounds mark “

” it’s going to be tough negotiations, has warned Jean Bassères. the I see two sides of the grounds of polling, since the social partners have themselves desired, and say, reduce the allocation to Pôle emploi and I don’t have the impression that the State is willing to increase its budget allocation. “

Speaking of the failover announced that the unemployment contribution for employees to the CSG advertised by Emmanuel Macron, he believed that this was ” may even change the perception of the mode of financing “, but he has tried for his part in ” logical “ that the Unedic ” contributed largely to the financing of Pôle emploi “. The director general of Pôle emploi was recalled that such financing by the social partners is to be found ” in other countries, in particular in Germany “.

297 full-time equivalent deleted

John Bassères is also income on the reduction of the means of Pôle emploi is registered in the budget of 2018. He has criticized the reduction of 297 full-time equivalent staff numbers imposed by Bercy on the basis of reasoning ” a bit limited “.

” They have taken the number of jobs open and not consumed but […] it does not consume 100 % of his ceiling jobs because there is movement tabs “, he recalled, ironisant: ” at the current pace [delete post] the in a few years there will be 0 “.

Regarding the disappearance of 1.380 assisted contracts, the chief executive officer of the public operator has explained that it will be ” to partly offset for the reception of civic services but [they] has a hole that it will take a while [Pôle emploi] absorbs.

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