Bühler-Brockhaus, the couple whose life is confused with the love of art | Archeology

During one of the bombings of Leipzig, in World War II, the block occupied by the centenary publisher ​​FA Brockhaus, in the center of the city, was destroyed. The statue of the company’s founder stood upright, Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus [Dortmund, 1772 – Leipzig, 1823], and some types of lead with which the first German-language encyclopedia had been printed at the beginning of the 19th century: symbols, both, of this family’s intense relationship with culture and knowledge, with brands in several European countries, and which in one of those accidents of history it also extended to Portugal. Next Friday, October 22, the Museu D. Diogo de Sousa, in Braga, opens a new permanent exhibition on the Bühler-Brockhaus Collection, a collection of Roman sculptures in marble, Greek, Roman and ceramics ceramics. pieces from earlier Mediterranean civilizations, donated to this institution by Hans-Peter Bühler and Marion Bühler-Brockhaus.