Build Druid Wolf Diablo 4 to start well and quickly level up to 50

News astuce Build Druid Wolf Diablo 4 to start well and quickly level up to 50

Published on 06/03/2023 at 16:00

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In Diablo IV, one of the important choices after that of the class is that of the archetype and given the current cost of resetting the skill tree, it is better to choose well. In this article, we invite you to discover a Druid build centered around the transformation into a wolf for the leveling phase!


One of the big strengths of this Wolf Druid build of Diablo IV, it’s simply the speed at which you will be able to clear waves of mobs. In a previous article, we told you about the Build Landslide and compared to it, the Wolf is much faster. It is also focused on the mechanics of poisons which you will be able to abuse.

Active skills to use

  • Claw
  • Shredding
  • Virus rabique
  • Cyclonic Armor
  • poison ivy
  • Laceration

Gameplay du build Loup

Claw is clearly the skill you will spam on your adventures. It allows you to transform into a wolf and swipe in front of you that not only hurts enough, but is also fast.

Shred is a three-step attack. During the first attack, you will jump on the target and inflict damage. Then you will do a slightly more powerful attack and finally on the third count, you will make a very big attack.

Cyclonic Armor is both a defensive and offensive ability! In fact, it will allow a reduction in damage, which is quite good considering that we are still quite fragile. But on top of that, in the end the armor knocks enemies back and inflicts damage on them.

Poison Ivy is your first poison spell. It is made up of a passive which every 6 seconds will poison an enemy and an active that not only allows you to immobilize your enemies, but on top of that, to apply poison to them!

Rabies Virus is your second poison spell that will allow you to infect enemies via bite. Except that’s not all, since they will then be able to spread the poison to nearby enemies. In addition to Rempant Sarmenteux’s passive, this allows you to quickly infect a lot of enemies.

Skill tree – Talent points to put (up to level 50)

  • Claw → Reinforced Claw → Ferocious Claw
  • Shredding → Reinforced Shredding → Primal Shredding
  • Cyclonic Armor → Reinforced Cyclonic Armor → Preserving Cyclonic Armor
  • Poison Ivy → Reinforced Poison Ivy → Brutal Poison Ivy
  • Rabies Virus → Enhanced Rabies Virus → Wild Rabies Virus
  • Laceration → Primary Laceration → Supreme Laceration
  • Take the Lupine Ferocity passive to boost your damage and Predator Instinct to increase your critical chance
  • Ancestral Fortitude and Vigilance will allow you to gain survivability
  • Also head for passives like Abundance for spirit generation
  • Finally, boost your poison with Neurotoxin, Toxic Claw or even Envenomed
Build Druid Wolf Diablo 4 to start well and quickly level up to 50Build Druid Wolf Diablo 4 to start well and quickly level up to 50

Identity of the Druid

  • Deer: Reduced damage from elites
  • Eagle: Critical Hit Chance
  • Wolves: Companion Cooldown on Critical Hit
  • Serpent: Transformation into a wolf spell heals you on critical attacks
Build Druid Wolf Diablo 4 to start well and quickly level up to 50

Last optimization details of this build to start

  • To finish this build, here are the statistics that you will seek to recover on your equipment. You will therefore have to aim for two main statistics, the dexterity which will increase your chances of critical hits, as well as willpower which will increase the damage of your skills.
  • Next to these two main stats, you will also look for to have a little crit, resistance, as well as physical damage to allow you to maximize your damage while ensuring you have a minimum of what to survive.

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