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‘110 e lode’, special episode tonight in Report on Rai 3, curated by Luca Bertazzoni in collaboration with Edoardo Garibaldi, “one of the greatest scams in the history of the Republic”, underlines the Rai program, echoing the words of the Minister of economics Daniele Franco on fraud generated by building bonuses granted by the state.

So far the Guardia di Finanza has discovered 4.4 billion euros of fictitious credits deriving from works never carried out by construction companies. “Precisely because of the bonuses, we have witnessed a boom, from May 2020 to today there are 45 thousand more companies operating in construction. Report went to see how these companies work in a sector that has experienced a surge in prices since this measure was introduced, which has already cost the Italian state almost 30 billion euros. And then a trip to San Severo in search of “mister billion”, this is how an entrepreneur from San Severo was defined, who also ended up in the lens of the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, for fraudulent hypotheses reported by the revenue agency starting from the analyzes carried out through the databases and then the subject of in-depth analysis by the gdf, specifically for an alleged scam linked to building bonuses, for which the investigators in December last year had ordered the seizure of over 1 billion euros from construction companies , who would have issued falsified invoices to benefit from the tax credits.

In this regard, the shareholder and director of Mib or Mama International Business Srl (also of Sviluppo Immobiliare Vallè Srl), through a press release dated December 27, had highlighted how the companies had used only one of the building bonus regulations, the historical one, ” that is, necessary for the sacrosanct seismic and eco-sustainable improvement of existing buildings. It is neither a Superbonus nor any other bonus “.

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He also stressed that “insiders know that this legislation guarantees the availability only of a tax credit which must then be monetized to have the money necessary to carry out the works (thanks to the possibility of transfer to anyone provided for by Article 121 of the Relaunch decree of July 2020) “and added that these are” credits generated under the strict supervision of auditing companies, digital platforms with strict documentary control and mandatory technical appraisals. All in full compliance with the law “.

On the point in which the Prosecutor allegedly claimed that the alleged scam was carried out by “non-existent” companies with the complacency of professionals, he pointed out that the company Mama International Business has existed for over 20 years. “Offices, construction sites, employees, meeting rooms, computers, for 20 years, in spite of non-existent companies. The same is true for all the others, which more or less have a history, an organization, under the light of the sun, devoid of opacity and above all easily found, without all this confusion “(Keep reading).