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Building collapse in Miami: hypothesis why it happened – US – International

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The collapse of a structure, sometimes, usually occurs as a result of natural phenomena such as earthquakes or floods.

However, the fateful collapse of part of the building Champlain Towers South, located north of Miami (USA), it has several structural hypotheses about what could have happened.

(Also: They identify 8 of the 9 victims of a building collapse in Miami).

This unfortunate tragedy occurred in the early hours of Thursday, June 24.

According Atorod Azizinamini, Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainability at Florida International University, “It is too early to establish what was the cause of the collapse. We should not rush to conclude anything. You have to let the authorities complete their investigation. “

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According to Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, identifying the victims of the landslide is a complex task.

The expert assured ‘BBC Mundo’ that the research in progress will be the only ones that can give a truthful response to the incident. It is worth saying that this clarity can take a few months and even years.

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After four days of the collapse, some hypothesis. In several of these it is stated that a human error had an influence.

‘Buildings need to be inspected more routinely’

The 12-story Champlain Towers South was completed in 1981.

In accordance with the rules of the Miami-Dade County, the constructions of this type must have an inspection, after 40 years of being erected, to verify their firmness.

Just this year the building was being adequate to meet the inspection requirements.

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Partial collapse of a building in Miami

They are looking for the missing after a partial collapse of the building.

“Work was being done on the building to meet the 40-year standard. That is something that has been implemented not only for the county, but for all municipalities and we have a strict building code since Hurricane Andrew for updates and improvements ”, Miami-Dade County Inspector Sally Heyman told ‘BBC’.

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However, Azizinamini assures that he does not agree with that rule in some buildings.

“I am of the opinion that certain buildings, located in certain places, should be inspected more routinely, which allows timely action to be taken if necessary”the professor commented.

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According to a study by Florida International University (FIU), in the 90s it had been detected that the area where the building is located it sank down at a rate of 2 millimeters a year, which they called ‘alarming’ at the time.

This annual sinking, so far, is one of the theories with the greatest force, although the authorities still do not provide an answer official on this hypothesis.

Peter Dyga, President and CEO of the Florida East Coast Builders and Contractors Association, told ‘CBS Local 10 News’: “There is a probability that after the collapse there have been multiple factors that will take years to determine an answer to what happened.”

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“There will probably be several things that contributed to the collapse. This just doesn’t happen without multiple things coming together to make this a tragedy. Who knows what those things will be”, I consider.

There will probably be several things that contributed to the collapse

Azizinamini said that, for now, the investigation process is very recent. According to the expert, team of engineers You will need to observe design calculations, review building code and notes, take samples of the material used, inspect the foundation, observe large building pieces that failed, interview residents, and gather all other available information.

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“Once the result matches visual observation, such as the video showing the building collapse, they can draw conclusions about the cause of the collapse.”, he assured.

(Also: They identify 8 of the 9 victims of a building collapse in Miami).

‘BBC’ made a brief list of possible human errors that could end up causing the collapse of a building like Champlain Towers South.

Weak foundations

According Anthony Ede, professor of civil engineering at the University of Ota (Nigeria), the cost of foundations is very high in a construction.

Building collapse

Rescue work continued all weekend at Champlain Towers in Surfside.



The expert said that in an ideal project, two fundamental things should be taken into account when making the base of the building: the solidity of the ground and the weight of the building together with its contents.

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However, Ede commented that the builders try save some money that should be invested in the foundations so that the building does not collapse in the future. Skimping on these expenses, he said, often unleashes future tragedies in swampy terrain like Lagos, Nigeria, or even Miami.

Not very resistant materials

Some oversight portals infrastructural indicate that, worldwide, there are companies that falsify documents that should ensure the quality of construction materials.

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Partial collapse of a building in Miami

Some of the crash theories are related to human error.

According to Mauricio Agama, site technician at Pavco Wavin, a construction materials supplier company, “A counterfeit product can be recognized by its color, roughness, texture and information described on labels.”

He also explained to the Peruvian media ‘RPP Noticias’ that one of the troublesome The most common is the sale of counterfeit PVC pipes.

Unskilled personnel

According to Ingeniería Real, a real estate portal, “The cheap can be expensive”. This because the costs of hiring experts They are usually high and, on certain occasions, it is chosen to employ people with little or no experience.

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Collapsed building

A group of 10 rescuers from Israel arrived this Sunday in Surfside (Florida, USA) to collaborate with the rescue efforts.

Professor Ede assured that there can also be cases in which “Even with the right materials to make concrete, workers mix it the wrong way.”

Heavy load

According to data from the Bogotá Human Development Institute, it is always necessary notify authorities the weight of the dead load of a construction.

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Miami Building

Some of the guests’ belongings were left on the air.

This factor is “Made up of the own weight of all the components of the structure itself: joists, platforms, columns, bracing, accessories, etc”.

In that vein, ‘BBC’ added weight as a risk factor Because there are buildings planned to function as apartments and then residents or owners transform the rooms into libraries, gymnasiums or add more weight than the structure can support.

Breach of tests

A construction must go through tests that validate the stability of it, however, Ede commented that builders, to save money, tend to omit some.

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Miami building collapse

Rescue operations after the collapse of the building in Miami.



“You must be strict with the control of the building”, assured the expert.

Although it is vitally important, the professor said that the corruption It is, for the most part, one of the reasons why buildings that did not pass all the rigorous levels of construction tend to collapse.


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