Building is getting more expensive: companies complain about a lack of materials

April 30, 2021, 2:30 p.m.

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) According to the construction industry, building in the southwest will be significantly more expensive this year. “Since the beginning of the year, building material prices have risen drastically in some cases due to the strong global demand,” said Thomas Möller, General Manager of the Baden-Württemberg construction industry, on Friday in Stuttgart. Consumers would therefore have to expect that a classic solid construction would be on average up to 5 percent more expensive and a timber construction up to 10 percent more expensive.

Construction industry

A craftsman works on reinforcing steel girders on a construction site.

Since the beginning of the year, prices for individual building materials such as steel products or bitumen have risen sharply. “We expect that the price spiral for building materials will continue to turn for at least six months.”

The regional association of independent real estate and housing companies pointed out that in some cases, due to a lack of wood and insufficient insulation material or plastic pipes, considerable delays in completion can be expected. The cause of the shortage is, among other things, the strong growth in demand for building materials on the world market after Corona, especially from China and the USA. In the meantime, both countries were increasingly buying wood in Europe.

Forest Minister Peter Hauk (CDU) tried to calm the industry down. «We have enough wood. Due to the current high demand, however, everyone is required to do their part to support the local value chain, ”said Hauk. He called on the timber construction companies to avoid double orders and not to build up unnecessary storage capacities. And the forest owners should clear their wet storage facilities and operate the local sawmills.

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