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Home Business «Building Materials» signed a protocol to market the products of members electronically

«Building Materials» signed a protocol to market the products of members electronically

Here is the details of the news «Building Materials» signed a protocol to market the products of members electronically

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The Chamber of Industry of Building Materials of the Federation of Industries, under the chairmanship of Ahmed Abdul Hamid, signed a joint cooperation protocol with Matrix Peders Information Technology Company, with the aim of marketing the products of the ICC members.

Ahmed Al-Hamid, Chairman of the Building Materials Chamber of the Federation of Industries, said that the partnership between the Chamber and Material Peders aims to market the products of the members electronically for free, noting that the electronic application of the company is an international platform that brings together manufacturers, agents, international buyers, real estate development companies, Contractors and individuals, thus contributing to the promotion of national industry in various international markets.

He added that «the protocol comes within the role of the Chamber in the service of its members and contribute to the growth and development of the size of the work of member companies, and access to international markets and provide information to international buyers on the quality of Egyptian products and their ability to compete globally to contribute to the growth of domestic industrial and access to Different countries of the world ».

The president of the chamber stressed that Egypt has great production capacities and huge industrial capabilities capable of meeting the needs of the local and export market. However, marketing is the biggest problem facing the national industry and access to international markets. He pointed out that the productive capacities of building materials meet the needs of the reconstruction of 3 Arab countries , Libya, Syria and Iraq, in addition to the needs and requirements of the local market and the urban revival that is currently taking place in Egypt.

He added that «the Egyptian market has an abundance of raw materials for the production of all building materials and huge production capacity, in addition to the quality of the building materials industry and human factors and significant industrial advantages qualify Egypt to become a regional center for the export of building materials to various countries of the world», Of the chamber indicates that there is surplus in various building materials, foremost of which is the Egyptian ceramic industry with 160 million meters surplus of the total production capacity of the factories by 400 million meters, 25 million meters of super marble of 85 million meters and 30 million tons of super cement of 85 Million tons cement, as well as Tu Productive capacities fled for various construction needs for export and local market items. »

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Kader, President of Matrix Information Technology, said that the partnership with the Chamber will contribute to the promotion of the global building materials industry through the company's application of e-marketing services, a global forum that brings together international buyers, manufacturers and suppliers of various building materials , As well as real estate companies, real estate developers, construction companies and individuals as well.

He added that the electronic application works at the international level, allowing the Egyptian products to reach a large number of international buyers at a standard time. The protocol includes free subscription for the members of the Chamber to display and market their products through the company's website, Monthly, and cooperate with the Chamber in the preparation and provision of data for international suppliers and buyers, as well as providing information and data for each company in terms of production, prices and quality, international offers and discounts and other, which will contribute to the growth of the size of the work of member companies rooms Building materials and the arrival of Egyptian products to various international markets.

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